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Floor 1-1[edit]

Map of floor 1-1.

Collect the heart on the right, shoot the Snakey off the map, and get the heart and chest.

Floor 1-2[edit]

Map of floor 1-2.

Collect all four hearts; once you do so, the Gols will awaken.

If you need to go in front of one of the gols, you will need to either shoot them first, or block them with the framer. However, you can run past Gols if you are at least 3.5 tiles away (e.g. when going for the chest.)

Floor 1-3[edit]

Map of floor 1-3.

Get the heart, and shoot the Snakey twice. The Leeper will eventually run around, make sure you are in the lower-left corner of the 3x3 space.

Floor 1-4[edit]

Map of floor 1-4.

Push the two framers at the top and bottom and block the two Skulls' path. Get the hearts on the left.

On the right, push the top and lower framer to the left, and move the middle framer. Shoot the skull off the map and get the three hearts and pearl.

You may notice the door at the top move slightly. This shouldn't cause problems.

Floor 1-5[edit]

Map of floor 1-5.

This is your introduction to Rockys. They can't directly kill you, but will charge and push you. You can use the chest in the center to avoid them if necessary.

Get the lower-left heart first, and get the three remaining hearts. Make sure a Rocky isn't following you, as he can easily trap you in the corners, requiring you to restart the level.