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Floor 2-1[edit]

Map of floor 2-1.

Dodge the Alma as you collect the hearts. Note that if you are directly left or right of him when he isn't facing away, he will roll into a ball and charge. This can be helpful in slowing him down.

Floor 2-2[edit]

Map of floor 2-2.

Simply move two emerald framers below the medusas, and move the other two between the heart and medusas.

Floor 2-3[edit]

Map of floor 2-3.

Move the two emerald framers in the path of the Don Medusa, then collect the hearts. Avoid going above him, but you can push the framer one tile inward if you want to complete the level quickly.

Floor 2-4[edit]

Map of floor 2-4.

This is a simple collection run. Grab the hearts, but avoid the Rocky that starts at the top. Once you get the hammer, smash a rock in the middle, and collect the last heart. Remove the blocking Snakey and get the last heart.

Floor 2-5[edit]

Map of floor 2-5.

Get the first three hearts. If you have trouble with the one in the bottom-left corner, try standing to the right of one of the rows to disrupt the movement pattern of the Alma; he should then be going counter-clockwise.

Once you have the three hearts, change the direction of the arrow. Move the upper and lower framers left by one cell, and the middle down by one cell. Bring the three framers up one at a time to block the skulls, and get the last two hearts. (If you pushed a framer into a corner, it's not much of a problem since you should have two shots.)