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The entrance to Bubble Gloop Swamp.

Bubble Gloop Swamp is the fourth level in the game. It's a semi-challenging level that is really spread apart, and is easy to get lost. Even though it's a swamp, you don't do any swimming at all. In fact, you try to stay out of the water as best as you can!

Entering the Level[edit]

Level Location: Turn left at the giant statue
Jiggies Required to Enter: 7
Jiggy Pad: In the Clankers Cavern sewer entrance area, press both of the switch pipes to open the area


  • Mumbo's Skull - At the very back of the level through the bamboo maze
  • Tanktup - Off to the right side of the Flibbit ambush area
  • Crock Head - A little before Mumbo's Skull

Stuff To Do[edit]

  • Head back to the area with the giant rock pillars. the Witch Switch resides on the top rock. You won't be able to get any Jiggies from that switch until you collect 260 notes for the next note door. Once you get the 260 notes, break a wall within the urn room and press button to reveal a shock jump pad. Use the pad to jump into the urn and fall to get the jiggy.
  • In crocodile form, exit the area, and head into the tunnel leading to the painting. Enter a side tunnel to speak with Cheato and learn the "BLUEEGGS" spell


A Forty-Five-Second Race[edit]

Moves Required: None, but the Wading Boots are helpful
Description: Right after you enter the level, you should notice a green puzzle switch. Hit it to start a timer with 45 seconds on it. Quickly run up to the pathways in front of you to grab the Jiggy.

Break The Big Egg[edit]

Moves Required: Wading Boots
Description: Head down the small path of the swamp until you reach a point where you can't walk anymore. Find the wading boots just a little ways away and cross the bog. Once at the giant egg, hit the bandaged "X" five times to find a Jiggy; the position of the "X" changes each time you hit it. The first, third, and fifth positions are on top, while the second is on the back and the fourth is on the front.

Flibbit Ambush[edit]

Moves Required: None
Description: Go to the very center of the level and six yellow flibbits should pop out and attack you. It takes two hits to knockout one, but if you got there as a crocodile, it only takes one hit. A Jiggy appears after all six are beaten.

High-Rise Huts[edit]

Moves Required: None
Description: Head to the area with the giant rock pillars and climb to the top. Once at the top, you will find a Jiggy. The witch switch will be found on the trip up, before the ramp.

A Treacherous Trail[edit]

Moves Required: None
Description: About halfway through the bamboo maze to Mumbo's Skull, another green puzzle switch should catch your attention. Hit it and you will have 10 seconds to reach the Jiggy before it disappears.

Mean Mr. Vile[edit]

Moves Required: None
Description: First, you must visit Mumbo to turn into an alligator. Then, you must head to the Gator Head and crawl into one of his nostrils. Inside, a slightly larger, red gator named Mr. Vile will challenge you to a minigame, consisting of three rounds.

The first section is a straight race: you have to eat as many red grumblies within the 60-second time limit as you can - eat more than Mr. Vile to win, and move onto the second section. In the next round, you have to eat more red grumblies than Mr. Vile again, but there are also yellow "unripe" grumblies that you have to avoid. In the final section, you have to eat the type of grumblies shown at the top of the screen.

Beat Mr. Vile all three times to win a Jiggy.

However, if you leave the Gator Head at any time (to get more health) you will have to begin from the first round again.

You can continue playing the minigame as desired; if you win a batch of three games, you will gain three extra lives, but losing the minigame causes you one point of damage.

Feed The Croctus[edit]

Moves Required: Wading Boots
Description: At the beginning of the level, you should notice a golden crocodile opening and closing his mouth. Shoot an egg into his mouth and he will disappear. Another one should appear farther away. Shoot an egg into all five of their mouths to earn a Jiggy.

They are located:

  • At the start
  • In the "45-second race" circuit
  • On the rock pillars
  • Behind the crocodile
  • Behind Tanktup


Moves Required: None
Description: Head to the area with Tanktup and slam on all four of his flippers. He will give you a Jiggy.

Be A Master Maestro[edit]

Moves Required: Beak Buster
Description: After Tanktup gives you a Jiggy, you can go inside of his mouth. Inside is Tiptup from Diddy Kong Racing and a choir of other turtles. Simply re-do what Tiptup does by performing a Beak Buster on the choir turtles. You earn a Jiggy if you are successful for all three songs (which have 3, 5, and 7 notes).


Moves Required: Wading Boots
Description: Get all of the Jinjos.


  1. Blue - On top of the pole next to Mumbo's Skull (behind the crocodile)
  2. Green - On the path leading to the jiggy during "The 45 Second Race."
  3. Orange - Next to the wall behind Tanktup.
  4. Yellow - Jump to him from the top of one of the water reeds.
  5. Pink - Enter crocodile form, and search the rock pillars.

Bottles's Moves[edit]

Wading Boots[edit]

Location: Right after the entrance/exit pad. Moves Required: None
Description: Lets you walk through the swamp without being bitten.

Mumbo's tokens[edit]

  • Behind the yellow Jinjo, in the swamp.
  • In a sidepath within the "45-second race"
  • On top of a pole near the large egg.
  • Inside Tanktup
  • Between a shock jump pad and the croctus at the rock pillar
  • Two are located at the base of a rock pillar, reachable only in crocodile form.
  • One located inside the giant crocodile
  • Behind Mumbo's chair in his skull
  • Behind Mumbo's skull


  • 5 on first bridge from start
  • 3 on log past first bridge
  • 20 along route from puzzle switch to Jiggy
  • 3 on log leading to the egg
  • 5 behind egg
  • 3 on log from ambush to Tanktup
  • 3 on log from ambush to pillars
  • 3 on log from ambush to crocodile
  • 4 on Tanktup's feet
  • 6 inside Tanktup
  • 5 near the grunty switch at the rock pillars
  • 4 surrounding one of the swamp pillas (must be crocodile)
  • 5 in the outer wall of the swamp near the rock pillars
  • 5 on the crocodile's snout
  • 3 on a pole leading to the blue jingo
  • 5 on the swamp wall near the blue jingo
  • 5 in first leg of the swamp maze
  • 4 in second leg of the swamp maze
  • 3 in final leg of the swamp maze
  • 6 in the two nostrils of the giant crocodile.

Empty Honeycombs[edit]

  1. Inside Mumbo Skull at the top ring
  2. Inside Tanktup on top of Tiptup's Podium is the honeycomb