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Freezeezy Peak is the fifth level in the game. You'll find polar bears, a walrus, and live snowmen who will hurl snowballs at you. Careful when slipping on the icy snow!

File:BK FP.jpg
The entrance to Freezeezy Peak.

Entering the Level[edit]

  • Level Location: Find the door that will require 260 Notes to access. Proceed through the room with the giant urn and find a set of stairs. After that, move to the right of the Grunty's Statue Head and into an icy cave.
  • Jiggies Required to Enter: 8
  • Jiggy Pad: Behind the entrance to Bubble Gloop Swamp. Use Wading Boots and find a small dead end passage at the beginning of the room leading to Bubble Gloop Swamp. Proceed through the tunnel and you will end up in a frozen area with the Freezeezy Peak puzzle.


Mumbo's Skull Christmas Tree Walrus Cave
  • By the little huts at the far right after you enter the level
  • Right in front of the Giant Snowman
  • Up the hill to the right of the Christmas Tree
Polar Bear Racing Start Polar Bear Igloo
  • Up the hill on the Walrus Cave platform
  • Right at the start of the level

Bottles' Moves[edit]

Beak Bomb[edit]

  • Location: By the boxes of Presents.
  • Moves Required: Flight Pad
  • Description: When flying, press B button to charge like a missle. (Requires a red feather each time)

Jiggies and Jinjos[edit]

Banjo-Kazooie Freezeezy Peak Jiggies and Jinjos.png

1. Save Boggy[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: After first entering the level you will run into Boggy who has a stomach ache. In order to help him, you must take the yellow and red scarf path up to the neck of the giant snowman and jump on the sled. You will ride down and the sled will hit Boggy in the stomach, forcing a Jiggy out of him. He will run off to the sled races after this.

2. Snowman's Buttons[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Bomb Dive
  • Description: Find a fly pad and jump up, then on the front of the giant snowman is three buttons that look like a target with a Neutral dpad symbol on them. Beak Bomb each button to make a Jiggy appear at the base of the Snowman.

3. Snowman's Pipe[edit]


  • Moves Required: None, but Flying will make it a lot easier.
  • Description: Fly or run your way up to the top of the snowman's scarf. Once up the top there will be a Jiggy inside the Snowman's pipe. Be careful not to fall off, as it is a long way off the ground.

4. Killer Snowmen[edit]


  • Moves Required: New Beak Bomb move learned in this level
  • Description: Use the flying launch pad near the presents to take out the snowmen scattered around the level. Aim at the 'X' symbols on their hats. Killing the last one will reveal a jiggy on top of the giant snowman. There will be an empty honeycomb as well as other treats under the defeated snowmen.

5. Racing Boggy 1[edit]


  • Moves Required: Have Mumbo turn you into a tiny walrus.
  • Description: Once Mumbo has turned you into a walrus, return near the start and find Boggy waiting for someone to race. Accept his challenge and beat him to the end. Your prize is a Jiggy.

6. Walrus Friend[edit]


  • Moves Required: Have Mumbo turn you into a tiny walrus.
  • Description: Find the big walrus on a hill who may have run away from you as Banjo. The walrus will be so pleased to see another walrus he will give you a Jiggy. If you follow him inside his cave you will find a jinjo and an empty honeycomb.

7. Twinkle Lights[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: Go to the Christmas tree to the left of the level upon entering. You will see a long wooden plank with a jumping gift box at one end. Ground pound the box to learn the twinkles need help getting to the Christmas tree. You have to get a total of 10 to the tree by the time the clock runs out. Attack the green monsters who pop out of the plank as the twinkles approach. You will be requested to turn the light on. Go behind the tree and hit the switch with eggs. You will then have 60 seconds to fly 3 times through the star on top of the tree. The nearest flight pad would be on the pile of presents to the left of the tree. Once you fly through three times, the Jiggy will be free from the ice inside the tree.

8. Boggy's Children[edit]


  • Moves Required: Beak Bomb dive, tree climbing, double jump launch pad
  • Description: The igloo at the start of the level contains three very unhappy polar bear kids whose father has left to find them presents but has not returned. You must travel through the level to find them. One is located in the Christmas tree where the twinkle lights are. Another is on the giant snowman's face. The third is located on a small ice patch under the giant snowman.

9. Racing Boggy 2[edit]


  • Moves Required: Turbo Trainers, learned in Gobi's Valley.
  • Description: Find Boggy at the race start again, only this time come as Banjo. When he challenges you to race, accept and quickly grab the running shoes in front of you. Beat him to the finish and your prize will once again be a Jiggy.

10. Jinjos[edit]


  • Moves Required: None
  • Description: Collect all 5 Jinjos
    • Blue: On top of the broom next to the snowman's head
    • Green: Behind one of the houses
    • Red: Inside walrus cave; meet Wozza as a Walrus, and later return in bear form. (Wozza mistook the Orange Jinjo as the "Noisy orange thing" because the Jinjo is ginger red.)
    • Purple: On the large present stack
    • Yellow: Above Mumbo on his shelf

Witch Switch[edit]

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  • Defeat the snowman near the Christmas tree and activate the switch that was hidden. A chute will open in the entrance area of Freezeezy Peak in Gruntilda's Lair. In the room with Grunty's Statue Head, shoot blue eggs on the giant web on the floor. In another chute from the Freezeezy Peak entrance room, Beak Bust the Flight Pad switch. This will activate the Flight Pad on the hole the web was covering. Use Turbo Trainers to get to the Flight Pad quickly and fly to the chute with the jiggy.


Banjo-Kazooie Freezeezy Peak Notes.png

  • 9 on first ramp
  • 5 near the tree
  • 12 inside the tree
  • 4 on large present stack near purple Jinjo.
  • 10 at base of large snowman
  • 19 on large snowman's scarf (including one behind honey)
  • 8 on large snowman's hat
  • 4 near a killer snowman
  • 4 near Wozza
  • 4 at the race start
  • 6 on the houses
  • 6 in Mumbo's hut
  • 9 in the water near Mumbo's hut

Points of Interests[edit]

Banjo-Kazooie Freezeezy Peak POI.png

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

  • 1 in the igloo at the start
  • 1 at the base of the tree
  • 2 inside two the killer snowmen
  • 2 at base of large snowman
  • 1 on snowman's scarf, collected when riding sled.
  • 1 behind large stack of presents
  • 1 in the water behind the large snowman.
  • 1 when using the flight pad on the house.

Empty Honeycombs[edit]

  1. In the killer snowman near Mumbo's hut. You have to kill it first.
  2. In Wozza the walrus' cave, there is a body of water which you have to be a walrus to go into. On the bottom there is a tunnel. Follow it and the empty honeycomb will be on a small platform.

Stop 'N' Swop Ice Key[edit]

  • The Ice Key can be found inside of Wozza's Cave, after you have tricked her into going back into her cave. Continue moving through the little cave till you find the key. This item can only be obtained after putting the following code into the sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove. "CHEAT NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE" If you have defeated Grunty in Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, this item can be obtained without the use of the code.