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Gobi's Valley is the sixth level in Banjo-Kazooie; it's fairly challenging, and as usual from Banjo-Kazooie very fun & very eccentric.

Entering the Level[edit]

Level Location: Go up the stairs past the giant statue of Grunty, through the note door, and turn into the entrance directly to the right to grab some Wading Boots. Then leave the tunnel and go to the next rightmost entrance, hop up the stairs, and go through the sand.
Jiggies Required to Enter: 9
Jiggy Pad: Go up the stairs past the giant statue of Grunty, through the note door then go straight and through the exit with the stairs. Then go through the note door in Grunty's mouth and follow the path.


  • Sphinx: Straight ahead of the entrance
  • Pyramid of Kazooie: Directly ahead of the Sphinx; in order to enter you must first 'Beak Bomb' the target above it.
  • Maze Pyramid: Directly ahead of the Sphinx, up the set of stairs. King Sandybutt will only give 60 seconds to go through it.
  • Puzzle Pyramid: To the right of the Pyramid Maze. Marked by a star, and requires finishing a memory match puzzle.


The Sphynx's Nose & the Magic Carpets[edit]

Moves required: Must be able to fire eggs

Description: Go to the Spynx and climb behind and up onto his back. Walk up the stairs on its neck, and jump off its nose onto one of the pillars. Then shoot an egg in each of the Sphynx's nostrils. A door with Banjo's face on it will open; go in.

From there you will need to jump onto the magic carpets and shoot eggs into the small spynxs's mouths, and quickly jump to the next carpet until you reach the Jiggy on the last one.

Rubee's Jigee[edit]

Moves Required: Fly, beak bomb

Description: Enter the Pyramid of Kazooie by Beak Bombing the target above it and entering before the time runs out. Then lay eggs into the dish rotating around the pot until the snake sprouts up. Climb up the snake and grab the Jiggy.

Hidden Rings of the Ancients[edit]

Moves Required: Fly

Description: Find a fly pad (there's one on the top of the Sphynx), and go through the hoops of all the golden statues. They are found in the following locations, but are not in a particular order:

  • To the right of the sphinx
  • Behind the sphinx
  • In front of the sphinx, between the two poles
  • Left of the sphinx
  • Next to the memory match pyramid

Grabba's Jiggy[edit]

Moves Required: Turbo Trainers

Description: Go to the top left corner of the level and use the Turbo Trainers to grab the jiggy from Grabba.

Sandybutt's Maze[edit]

Moves Required: Must be able to fire eggs

Description: Upon entering the level, go up the stairs, past the Sphynx, and up another set of stairs. Turn right, toward the Pyramid Puzzle, and jump off. Then turn around and jump onto the platform and spit eggs into the sphynx's mouth until a pyramid begins to emerge; switch platforms and continue to do this until the pyramid fully emerges, and then enter it. Make it through the maze and grab the jiggy out of the tomb.

You only have 60 seconds go through the maze. Take a left turn first, and follow close to the wall to reach the Grunty pad. Work your way through the maze to the finish.

The timer resets each time you re-enter the maze, whether from the start or from the end. However, you can only leave by the back of the pyramid.

Pyramid Puzzle[edit]

The layout always remains the same from game to game.

Moves Required: Beak Buster

Description: This pyramid is located on the right-hand side of the desert. Enter the Puzzle Pyramid by 'beak busting' the switch on top and then entering the door within 10 seconds. Use Beak Buster on the panels and try to match them before the 100 second timer runs out.

Free Gobi[edit]

Moves Required: Beak Buster

Description: Behind the Pyramid Puzzle, jump on the magic carpet (or just fly) to the miniature island with Gobi on it. Use Beak Buster on his trap to free him and then grab the jiggy that appears.

Thirsty Tree[edit]

Moves Required: Beak Buster

Description: After freeing Gobi, he'll flee to the island with the tree at the entrance. Use Beak Buster on him to make him spit water into the thirsty tree & stand on one of the trees near the shoes and jump from the top of it to get the jiggy.

Speedy Shoes[edit]

Moves Required: Turbo Trainers

Description: Go around the corner of the pyramid behind the Pyramid Maze and grab the Turbo Trainers. Run over the switch and quickly run up the pyramid before the timer runs out (you can also just use fly if you can get to the pad quickly enough). Swim down and grab the jiggy, avoiding the mummies.

Obtaining this Jiggy releases water into the central pyramid, blocking access to flight pads, but preventing damage from walking in that area. It also makes it easier to access the notes within the previously dried moat.


Moves Required: Must be able to shoot eggs

Description: Get all of the jinjos

  1. Purple: At the end of Sandybutt's maze in a pot
  2. Blue: Below the Pyramid Maze in the sand. Easiest to get once the Speed Shoes jiggy is unlocked and the area is filled with water.
  3. Green: Behind the Pyramid Puzzle
  4. Red: Inside the Spynx, jump on the magic carpet and spit an egg into the mini-sphynx's mouth to raise the carpet. The jinjo should be on the magic carpet directly behind you, near the entrance.
  5. Yellow: Directly behind the entrance standing on a rock.

Grunty's Pad[edit]

Grunty's Pad is located in King Sandybutt's maze, and is located to the right of the exit on the other side of the wall. Be sure to escape the maze before the ceiling falls.

Using this pad reveals a Jiggy inside the sarcophagi near the large urn. Use the shock jump to reach and collect it.

Bottles's Moves[edit]

Turbo Trainers[edit]

Location: Next to Grabba and Kazooie's Temple, in the top left corner of the world Moves Required: None

Description: The last move in the game (assuming you went in order). Lets you run fast.


  • 5 on first ramp
  • 6 on sphinx' front feet
  • 7 inside sphinx
  • 8 inside Kazooie's temple
  • 2 Near turbo trainers behind the ziggurat
  • 11 in hot sands near Grabba
  • 9 surrounding Sandybutt's maze, on rim surrounding dried moat
  • 6 inside the moat surrounding King Sandybutt's maze
  • 4 on stairs leading to Sandybutt's maze
  • 7 in Sandybutt's maze
  • 4 on stairs near memory match pyramid
  • 6 on or near memory match pyramid
  • 4 in memory match pyramid
  • 4 on ziggurat's ramp
  • 4 inside ziggurat (requires Turbo Trainers)
  • 5 on alcove accessed by carpet (Gobi's second hiding location)
  • 8 in sand left of the sphinx


  • Above sphinx' nose
  • Within Kazooie Temple
  • At the end of Sandybutt's maze in a pot
  • In memory match pyramid
  • On exit of ziggurat
  • In the corner left of the sphinx
  • Inside the sphinx
  • In the moat around the central pyramid

Empty Honeycombs[edit]

  1. Go behind the Pyramid Puzzle and use Beak Buster on the honeycomb switch, then fly through the cactus to grab the empty honeycomb.
  2. Find Gobi after pounding him twice by riding the magic carpet behind the Sphynx. Use Beak Buster on him and he'll spit out an empty honeycomb.

Stop 'N' Swop Blue Egg[edit]

This item can only be obtained after getting 100 Jiggys and putting the following code into the sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove:


In the Xbox Live Arcade version, if you have defeated Grunty in Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, this item can be obtained without the use of the code.

  • There is a niche in the rock wall behind the sphinx where there used to be a locked door, but now it’s opened. Inside you’ll find a stomp switch. Activate it, and the sarcophagus will open, revealing the blue egg inside.