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There are six character classes in Cabal Online. They are: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Blader and Force Shielder. In the storyline of the game, the Warrior, Blader and Wizard classes were established before the Nevarath Exodus, while the remaining three were developed from the first three after the Exodus.

Each class has its own set of recommended weapons and armor. For example, Warriors are recommended to use daikatanas or great swords, while Bladers are recommended to use blades or katanas. As for armor, there are 3 types: Amoursuit Set, Martialsuit Set and Battlesuit Set.

The classes also start at different locations, and that impacts the location of NPCs in quests (particularly the Story Quests). For example, the Wizard starts in Desert Scream, while the Force Blader starts in Green Despair, and therefore, the location of quests dungeons may differ for these 2 classes.