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As you are sitting on the beach, READ MAGAZINE and learn about the recent political situation. Stand, and explore the beach (for some fun you can type LOOK GIRL or KISS GIRL when one passes by).

In the screen on the left there are 3 guys playing beach volley so type PLAY to earn some extra points. When the girl goes to fetch the ball and is heard shouting for help, just go to the south to save her.

Once you bring her on the beach and lie her down, perform the CPR procedure in the manual. Type the following commands

  1. shake and shout
  2. call for help
  3. establish airway
  4. look listen and feel
  5. give 2 breath
  6. look listen and feel
  7. check pulse
  8. begin compressions
  9. check pulse

The girl is saved and a doctor comes. The girl thanks you and leaves (!!)

Go two screens to the left and go to the hut with the number #6. Go to the right and enter from the back entrance. OPEN DRAWER and GET COINS, GET ID.

Return to the initial screen and WEAR SHIRT. Go north and BUY NEWSPAPER with the coins. You read more about the political situation and the abduction of the ambassador.

Enter the hotel (OPEN DOOR) and TALK GIRL, GET KEY (which is optional), LOOK POSTER and note down the number. Enter the Chi-Chi bar. If you want you can SIT on the stool and flirt with the blonde but this will lead you nowhere. Your target is the brunette on the table.

LOOK GIRL, TALK TO GIRL, BUY GIRL DRINK, DANCE. When you watch the cutscene, EXIT, TALK GIRL, SIT, TALK GIRL. She will asks you to visit her, so say YES.

Follow to her hut. KISS and say YES; inside, SIT, TALK, KISS and KISS until morning.

STAND and GET NOTE. Walk around the vicinity of the hut until something glitters. It's the earring she told you she lost. GET EARRING, LOOK EARRING, OPEN EARRING, GET FILM.

Return to the hotel. TALK GIRL, GET MESSAGE, READ MESSAGE. General Braxton needs to talk, so return to your hut. Now that you have the key, you can enter from the front side. OPEN DOOR, OPEN CLOSET, SEARCH POCKET, GET BOOK, LOOK BOOK. Note down Braxton's number.

Walk to the nightstand and GET PHONE, and dial his number. TALK; he needs you back as soon as possible. GET PHONE again and dial the Nosinkhy Dinghy number and TALK.

Return to the first screen and enter the dinghy waiting for you. Off to the airport.


At the Dully airport, wait for a limo. Exit and TALK MAN, SHOW ID (if you forgot to take your ID in Tahiti, you are lost). In the Pentagon, SHOW ID to the guard, PRESS BUTTON to enter the elevator.

To the guard upstairs GIVE ID and OPEN DOOR at the far right. Watch the briefing carefully. You learn that Stacy is actually a CIA agent assigned to the same operation as you, which explains the mysterious earring.

When the briefing ends, STAND, GET ENVELOPE and exit. To the guard GET ID, LOOK ID. He gave you the wrong one, so GIVE ID to take the right one. PUSH BUTTON and exit.

At the airport, a driver waits for you. TALK MAN, YES, YES, SHOW ORDERS (if you forgot to take them, you are lost again).

At the submarine[edit]

As you approach the submarine in your naval uniform, traverse the bridge and perform the military procedure in the manual: SALUTE FLAG, SALUTE OFFICER, GIVE PAPERS (Awarded 3 points).