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Secret areas[edit]

  1. When you wake up, jump in the water and swim to find a secret area with a Lightning Shield and some potions.
  2. After escaping the worm, you will come to a high room with Facehuggers. Use the Rope Bow to climb into a hole opposite your entrance. You will go through a spider room and into a secret area.
  3. From the ledge of the previous secret area, drop down on the next ledge for another secret area and a Bow of Fiery Rage.
  4. After the Facehugger room, you will find a high "waterhole" where you must raise the water level to proceed. There is a hole in the wall with a rafter above it that you can reach from the bottom with your Rope Bow for a Master Thief's Outfit. Alternatively you can just grab it when the water is rising.
  5. On top of the waterhole, there's a narrow ledge with a Magic Mushroom.
  6. On top of the waterhole, there's another hole in the wall with a rafter. You can either use the Rope Bow, or take the waterhole exit corridor, turn left and climb (there's another Magic Mushroom at the spot you must climb) for another secret area with potions and scrolls.
  7. After the waterhole, some mines, and two chain cart rides, you will end up at the orc city. Get out of the cart and start left, staying on the top level. Follow the ledge all the way to a small hut with a Magic Mushroom behind it and a rafter above. Use the Rope Bow for a Shadowsteel Armor.