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Windows Xbox 360 Action
WASD Neutral lstick Move
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Look
Alt N/A Walk
Space Y button Jump
Ctrl LB button Crouch
Shift L button Sprint
ZX N/A Lean left/right


Windows Xbox 360 Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png RT button Attack
PC Mouse Right Click.png LT button Block/Parry
F LT button + RT button Kick
R RT button Bow Zoom (requires Archery 2)
V X button (Hold) Special Ability


Windows Xbox 360 Action
Tab B button Inventory
E A button Use
1-4 Up dpad / Down dpad / Left dpad / Right dpad Belt Shortcuts 1-4
5-8 RB button + Up dpad / Down dpad / Left dpad / Right dpad Belt Shortcuts 5-8
9 N/A Belt Shortcut 9
PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png N/A Belt Previous/Next
O Back button Objectives
F6 N/A Quick Save
F9 N/A Quick Load
Esc Start button Open menu
~ N/A Open console (see Cheats)


Windows Xbox 360 Action
1-0 N/A Change weapon category
Q N/A Last weapon used
Alt N/A Target Lock
Y N/A Chat message
U N/A Team chat message
C N/A Team message
Z N/A Shout
V N/A Emotion
G N/A Gesture
F5 N/A Take screenshot
F1 N/A Show scores
M N/A Show minimap
Tab Back button Spell information
Tab B button Character menu
Tab LB button Change skill
N/A RB button Cast spell