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After the battle with the Black Waltz—and a narrow escape by air—the party finds itself in the airship dock of Lindblum Grand Castle, a massive fortress with a magnificent palace in the middle of a sprawling city.

FFIX Lindblum Grand Castle.jpg

The Castle[edit]

  • Glass Armlet
  • Ether

The guards at the dock stop the party briefly until Minister Artania lets them through. Instead of following the minister, however, go up the staircase on the right side of the screen. Here, go in the first door to enter a guest bedroom. Open the two chests for a Glass Armlet and an Ether. The Moogle here is Mogki, for whom you have a letter. Read it, then select Mognet again to receive yet another letter for Alta. Save.

Head back the way you came to the room with the fountain, this time taking the exit at the bottom of the screen. Step onto the lift and ride to the throne room. Here, the party finds a big surprise, after which everyone breaks for lunch.

Exploring Lindblum[edit]

Zidane can't stand the rich castle food, so he heads to a nearby pub instead. There, he meets Freya, a female dragoon and an old friend of Zidane's. The scene then switches to Garnet's conversation with the Regent, who reveals all sorts of plot points.

Business District[edit]

  • 163g
  • Hi-Potion
  • Echo Screen
  • Tent
  • Leather Plate

Finally, you regain control of Zidane, who is in his room at an inn in Lindblum's business district. Save in the next room, where you can also read a letter from Ruby. Now get ready to find a whole lot of items around town. Head downstairs and search the southwest corner of the room for 163g. Exit the inn, then head north up the street.

Here, enter the door due north of the pickle seller. Here, open the chests for a Hi-Potion and an Echo Screen, then head up the street again. Near the entrance of the church, look under the tree for a Tent, then head inside the building and up the scaffolding ladder for a Leather Plate.

Festival of the Hunt[edit]

Items received for winning
  • Zidane - 5000g
  • Freya - Coral Ring
  • Vivi - Theater Ship Card

Be sure you are properly equipped before starting this section.

After you have explored the town a bit and you feel that you are well equipped you can return to the castle and start the Festival of the Hunt. Before the hunt you will be asked what you want as a reward. You can select whatever you want as it doesn't change anything either way. After you select a reward you will be tasked with going through each section of the city eliminating monsters along the way for points. If you have the most points when the timer hits 0 you will win the prize you selected as well as a title.

Theater District[edit]

To begin the hunt, start off by going straight to the theater district and kill all the monsters you see along the way. When you go past the Tantalus hideout and down the steps you will see three barrels. Wait in front of these barrels for a monster to attack you then make you way back up to the taxi and go to the Business District next.

Business District[edit]

Upon entering the business district be sure to kill all the monsters you come by (There will also be a monster that will pop out of a building on the right side, and there is also one that will swoop down and attack you on the left side of the street). When you enter the next section of the business district where the pickle salesman usually is, you will see a monster on the left side attacking someone, deal with him then move towards the shopping center where the fountain is located.

This is the monster you are looking for, it is also known as a Zaghnol

When you enter this section you may notice a large monster there attacking some civilians. Upon attacking the monster Freya will come assist you in killing it so do not worry if you don't think you are strong enough. If you do not see this monster you can exit this area and re-enter it until the monster shows up. You will want to kill this monster as it gives you over 80+ points and essentially gives you an easy win for the Festival of the Hunt.

Industrial District[edit]

If you killed the large monster located in the Business District you can come here and kill the monsters for fun but it is not required as the large monster will give you more then enough points to win the hunt. It is a small area so they should be fairly easy to locate if you run around and check out the area if you wish to do so though.