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Summary table[edit]

The following table summarizes some relevant characteristics of the 14 playable characters.

Character Skill Skill type Dedicated relics
Physical-oriented characters
Locke (thief) Steal Debuff 2: Thief's bracer, Brigand's glove
Edgar (machinist) Tools Debuff & attack 0
Sabin/Mash (monk) Blitz Support & attack 0
Shadow (ninja) Throw Attack 1: Memento ring
Cyan/Cayenne (samurai) Bushido Attack 0
Gau (feral youth) Rage Support, debuff & attack 0
Setzer (gambler) Slots Attack 1: Coin toss
Umaro (berserker) Berserk Support (itself) 3: Berserker ring, Blizzard orb,
Bone wrist
Balanced characters
Terra/Tina (magitek elite) Trance Support (herself) 1: Princess ring
Celes (rune knight) Runic Debuff 1: Princess ring
Gogo (mime) Mimic Support 4: Thief's bracer, Brigand's glove,
Fake mustache, Coin toss
Magical-oriented characters
Mog (moogle) Dance Support, debuff & attack 1: Molulu's charm
Strago (blue mage) Lore Support, debuff & attack 0
Relm (pictomancer) Sketch Debuff 3: Fake mustache, Memento ring,
Princess ring

Playable Characters[edit]

All names used are the default names.

Terra Branford[edit]

  • Original name: Tina
  • Original class: magic warrior
  • GBA class: magitek elite

Although Terra can equip a wide variety of weapons and armors, her primary role is as a spellcaster. When in her Esper form, her spells are twice as effective. She appears at the beginning of the game, with assistants Vicks and Wedge. When she is using the Magitek armor, she will have additional abilities compared to other characters.

Locke Cole[edit]

  • Class: adventurer

Locke, a treasure hunter, has the Steal ability. This gives a chance on retrieving an item from an enemy in battle (that is not otherwise dropped randomly.)

Edgar Roni Figaro[edit]

  • Class: machinist

Edgar is seen as a "ladies man" you can say; his variety of attacks and skills make him a very useful character

Sabin Rene Figaro[edit]

  • Original name: Mash
  • Class: monk

Sabin is a very powerful character. His Blitz moves are very strong and do not require MP or time dedication to execute.

Celes Chere[edit]

  • Class: rune knight

Celes is another intriguing character upon this story, her variety of attacks and spells make her very useful for a hybrid. Mainly her role would be spell casting, but she has good physical attributes as well. Her runic skill can be very helpful when facing against enemies with elemental spells, which she can absorb for her own benefit.

Setzer Gabbiani[edit]

  • Class: gambler


  • Original class: killer
  • GBA class: ninja (Japanese for "killer")

Shadow has excellent physical abilities. He has great speed and agility, and is extra helpful when equipped with a Genji Glove. His Throw command is very useful, allowing him to hurl weapons at the enemy for a higher damage. Weapons special to this are the Shurikens, Fuma Shurikens, and various elemental and Shadow scrolls.

Cyan Garamonde[edit]

  • Original name: Cayenne
  • Original class: samurai

Cyan is a tough character with high HP and attack power. His SwordTech skill is very powerful but requires significant time to execute.


  • Original class: wild boy
  • GBA class: feral youth


  • Original class: moglie
  • GBA class: moogle

Strago Magus[edit]

  • Original name: Stragus
  • Class: blue mage

Strago is a Blue Mage. He can equip only lighter armor, and primarily wields rods and staves. Though his physical attributes are quite low, his Magic attribute and MP are higher. The old man's special skill is Lore, which allows him to command unique spells learned from monsters. In order to acquire these spells, he must first experience them, which (in the case of beneficial or rarely used Lores) may require controlling the monster in question.

Relm Arrowny[edit]

  • Class: pictomancer

Relm has the highest Magic attribute of any character, and although physically very weak, her skills are crucial to getting Strago all of his Lore magics.


  • Class: mimic

Gogo has average attributes, but his Mimic skill allows him to copy the last attack used without consuming MP or any special requirement for the attack. Also, he can customize the three remaining slots on his command menu.


  • Original class: snow man
  • GBA class: yeti

While you may not actually be able to control Umaro, his attacks are very powerful and with relics he is capable of gaining extra abilities. i.e. BodyThrow, Ice Storm.