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You can purchase Asset Properties after Tommy's "Shakedown" mission. These are places in Vice City you can purchase, complete a few tasks and gain revenue.


Vercetti Estate[edit]

  • Cost: Free (needs completion of Rub Out)
  • Location: Starfish Island
  • Revenue: $ 5,000 a day
  • Features: A garage, an Infernus parked before it, weapons and power-ups in the basement, Helipad with Maverick on the roof, a limo parked outside and of course the Sea Sparrow in the back.


  • Cost: $10,000
  • Location: Viceport
  • Revenue: $2,000 a day.
  • Features: Two boats used for the side mission Checkpoint Charlie (same mission, you just get to choose which boat to use.)

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory[edit]

  • Cost: $20,000
  • Location: Little Haiti
  • Revenue: $3,000 a day

Pole Position[edit]

  • Cost: $30,000 + $300 will need to be spent in the private dance area in the back of the club.
  • Location: Ocean Beach
  • Revenue: $4,000 a day

Kaufman Cabs[edit]

  • Cost: $40,000
  • Location: Little Haiti
  • Revenue: $5,000 a day
  • Features: Zebra Cab (after asset missions are complete) and the Degeneratron (Pogo The Monkey.)

Sunshine Autos[edit]


  • Cost: $50,000
  • Location: Little Havana
  • Revenue: $1,500 a day
  • Features: 3 Garages + Pay n Spray Station + Extra cool cars when all the lists finished all the lists


  • Cost: $50,000
  • Location: Little Havana
  • Revenue: $9,000 a day; Incremental with car lists
  • Features: 4 Massive Garages + Extra cool cars when all the lists finished all the lists

Print Works[edit]

  • Cost: $70,000
  • Location: Little Haiti
  • Revenue: $8,000 a day

Interglobal Films, Inc.[edit]

  • Cost: $60,000
  • Location: Prawn Island
  • Revenue: $7,000 a day

The Malibu[edit]

  • Cost: $120,000
  • Location: Vice Point
  • Revenue: $10,000 a day

Safe Houses[edit]

Skumole Shack[edit]

  • Location: On the rooftop of a building down the street and around the corner from the Biker Bar.
  • Features: None
  • Price: $1,000

3321 Vice Point[edit]

  • Location: Shoreline north of North Point mall
  • Features: ford f150 or the police station
  • Price: $2,500

1102 Washington Street[edit]

  • Location: Across Ken Rosenberg's office in Washington Beach
  • Features: None
  • Price: $3,000

Links View Apartments[edit]

  • Location: East of Leaf Links Island and west of the police station
  • Features: 1 garage
  • Price: $6,000

Ocean Heights[edit]

  • Location: Farthest south in Ocean Beach
  • Features: 1 garage
  • Price: $7,000

Elswanko Casa[edit]

  • Location: Vice Point, south of the North Point mall and east of the Leaf Links North Island
  • Features: 1 garage
  • Price: $8,000

Hyman Condo[edit]

  • Location: One block east of Hyman Memorial Stadium.Just across from the restauraunt on the corner.
  • Features: 3 huge garages and one helipad
  • Price: $14,000