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Enemy Name HP Description
Hydlide Blackam.png
Blackam 50 Blackams (or Black Armors) aren't encountered until to reach the inside of Varalys' keep. They swore loyalty to Varalys and serve as his personal guards. They are the strongest and have the most hit points out of all the Armors.
Hydlide Dragon.png
Dragon 75 The Dragon is a one of a kind enemy that roams back and forth outside of Varalys' keep. You must be at your very strongest to defeat him, and even then, it's very difficult. But if you defeat him, he will give you a very valuable object.
Hydlide Eel.png
Eel 70 The Eel roams throughout the waterways of Hydlide. Until you enter the water, he will remain underwater. When you access the water, he will rise and show his face. He is incredibly strong, so don't face him unless you're very confident.
Hydlide Goblin.png
Gobline 30 Goblins appear in place of the Kobolds after you reach the sixth level of experience. When you enter an area that contains Kobolds, Goblins will appear after you defeat a Kobold. Goblins are stronger, and unlike Kobolds, they are not restricted to the forest.
Hydlide Goldam.png
Goldam 20 Goldams (or Gold Armors) wander through one of the dungeons with the Ladyams. They protect a very precious item that helps you heal faster in the right side of the dungeon they live in.
Hydlide Hyper.png
Hyper 30 Hypers appear in place of the Slimes after you reach the sixth level of experience. When you enter an area that contains Slimes, defeat one and a Hyper will take it's place. Hypers are very valuable for gaining experience for the later levels of the game.
Hydlide Kobold.png
Kobold 5 Kobolds are very weak creatures that you will fight at the beginning of the game, along with slimes. They can hurt you, but not by very much, and they are restricted to walking on forest tiles.
Hydlide Ladyam.png
Ladyam 20 Ladyams (or Lady Armors) guard one of the dungeons along with Goldams. They are slightly weaker than Goldams, but still dangerous. They guard an item which can raise your defense in the left side of the dungeon that they patrol.
Hydlide Roper.png
Roper 20 Ropers patrol a portion of the Hydlide kingdom where a giant maze can be found. They move somewhat quickly through the halls of the maze, protecting treasures and caves. They are a good source of experience points for mid levels.
Hydlide Skeleton.png
Skeleton 65 Skeletons are found among Blackams, and guarding special tombstones. Like Blackams, you must be at your strongest if you attempt to fight and defeat them. Otherwise, steer clear as much as possible.
Hydlide Slime.png
Slime 5 Slimes, along with Kobolds, are some of the first enemies that you will fight when you begin the game. To roam many of the fields of Hydlide, and they are relatively weak, although they can still kill you in four hits when you first start. Fight them in order to gain your first few levels of experience.
Hydlide Stirge.png
Stirge 10 A strige is a type of dangerous blood sucking bat. They fly about aimlessly and attack mercilessly. They occupy the dungeon where the Vampire can be found. At the level you will encounter them, it is best to avoid them as much as possible.
Hydlide Vampire.png
Vampire 35 The Vampire lives in the dungeon of a castle that lies near the water. He holds a very important item, but cannot be defeated without possession of another item, the cross, which exploits his weakness. Be sure to attack from behind as he wanders the hallways of his domain.
Hydlide Wasp.png
Wasp 5 Wasps escape from trees in a certain section of Hydlide. For the smallest creatures in the game, they are incredibly powerful, but their presence indicates that something very important can be found nearby.
Hydlide Wisp.png
Wisp 20 Three Wisps occupy the dungeon north of a certain castle. In that dungeon, an item that can boost your attack power can be found, but in order to collect it, you must either defeat or avoid the Wisps that guard it.
Hydlide Wizard.png
Wizard 25 The Wizard is a very deadly foe and has exactly one weakness. You'll have to experiment to determine that weakness, but even if you figure it out, it's not enough. The Wizard has the ability to clone himself, and he will always appear in twos. In order to wipe the Wizard out completely, your attack must destroy both copies, or he will continue to appear. He is in possession of something very important that he will only give up when he's dead.
Hydlide Worm.png
Worm 35 The great desert of Hydlide is full of a creature that lives beneath the sand. Sand Worms roam around the desert in constant search of food. Their biggest source of food is unwise intruders. Be sure to avoid them until you are strong enough to defeat them with ease. (In the original computer version, these enemies were depicted as scorpions.)
Hydlide Zombie.png
Zombie 30 The bodies of the damned that were buried in the cemetery have risen from their grave since Varalys returned. They roam around the cemetery attacking anyone who is foolish enough to enter. But they guard an important item, which happens to be locked. So you must find the key if you wish to open the chest that they protect.