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Control Action
Neutral dpad Navigate menus
Neutral lstick
  • Move
  • Navigate menus
Neutral rstick
  • Control camera
  • (in Aiming Mode) Aim
Cross button
  • Jump
  • Confirm menu selections
  • (in Aiming Mode) Shockwave
Circle button
  • Take cover
  • Dive roll
  • Drop down
  • Cancel menu selections
  • (when locked on) Arc Restraint
Square button
  • Melee Attack
  • Thunder Drop (in midair)
  • (in Aiming Mode) Shock Grenade
  • (when locked on) Bio Leech
Triangle button
  • Look at points of interest
  • Interact
  • (in Aiming Mode) Megawatt Hammer
  • (when locked on) Pulse Heal
L1 button Switch to Aiming Mode
R1 button
  • Lock on to a downed character
  • (in Aiming Mode) Shoot Lightning Bolt
  • Static Thrusters (in midair)
L2 button Electric Drain
R2 button
  • Polarity Wall
  • (in Aiming Mode) Overload Burst/Arc Lightning
L3 button Radar Pulse
R3 button (in Aiming Mode) Switch camera to look over Cole's other shoulder
Up dpad (in Aiming Mode) Precision
Down dpad Lightning Storm
Left dpad Karmic Overload
Right dpad Gigawatt Blades
Select button Open map
Start button Pause menu