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Yet another protection mission. This time, you are strung beneath a helicopter on a decidedly unstable platform. The hard part of this mission is not dying, it's being blown off the platform by the wake of exploding grenades. Use Precision to take out distant gunners (watch your radar for the red dots), or unload Hammers (remember, you have unlimited power in this mission, as in other defense missions) as soon as you see little figures in the distance. Keep a finger on Cross button to Shockwave away any grenades launched at you.

Eventually, the chopper will stop and you'll be asked to drop down to the ground to kill the gangs and destroy the jammer. Use the rooftops to rain Grenades on the gathering below and watch out for the drones that fly around (very fast!) and launch grenades at you. Use Shockwave to keep the grenades away from you and to slow down the drones long enough to Bolt them into confetti.

When the First Sons are dead, drop down and move to the marker on your map. You should be able to just discern the outline of a satellite dish. Step back a few paces and use Lightning Storm to destroy it. Rinse and repeat for two more jammers. Along the way to the final jammer, you will be attacked by several giant Conduits. Ignore them as they don't do much damage; you're more threatened by the rockets heading your way and the Conduits can't keep up with the helicopter.

The final jammer is in the parking garage near ground zero and is near the bottom level. You'll have to clear out First Sons level by level until you find it. It's just enough out in the open to allow the Lightning Storm to hit it.