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There are 69 neutral side missions in the game in a variety of types. Since there are usually multiples of each type of mission, the total number of missions is given after the name of the mission. For example, "Iterations: 3" indicates there are a total of three missions of that type.


  • Iterations: 6

You'll be asked to destroy anywhere from 8–14 security cameras planted on a nearby building by the local gang (12 is the most common number of cameras). The building will be marked on the map with a yellow circle. These cameras are planted on the outside of the building and have flashing red lights.

Clear enemies from the area, then, at street level, examine the walls of the building. Stand still for a bit and look for flashes of red; you should then be able to easily see the black housing of the cameras. Climb up near the cameras and press Triangle button to zap them. Occasionally, you will have to jump toward a camera and press Triangle button as you slide past it, since there is no handhold near the camera itself.


  • Iterations: 4

Gang members are rounding up civvies! Head toward the objective marker and kill the gang. At least one of the hostages has to survive, but doesn't necessarily have to be upright. In other words, it's okay to injure the pedestrians while you're shocking the gang members.

Dark Water[edit]

  • Iterations: 4

The Reapers are poisoning the water by pouring tar into a water tower on top of a building. You'll immediately be able to pick out the building by the large number of red dots that spawn on it. Scan for nearby buildings that are higher and scale one. From your vantage point, rain electric death down on the gang. One good tactic is to show yourself and trade potshots with the gang, and then step back and wait. The gang will cluster on the nearest roof and you can then Thunder Drop into their midst. Once all the gang members are down, you must disable the tar keg on the water tower, so climb up to it.

This is a Karma Moment. For Good Karma, use Shockwave to destroy the keg. This will coat you with tar, disorienting you and temporarily removing some of your Battery Cores, and damages you – so don't take this route unless you're at full health. For Evil Karma, overload the keg with Lightning, which destroys the keg's functionality, but drains the tar into the water supply. This option does not damage Cole in any way.

Mobile Poison[edit]

  • Iterations: 3

Local gang members are moving a tanker truck full of tar through the city. Chase it down and destroy it. These side missions are quite difficult because of the number of constantly respawning gang members, and you can be assured there will be plenty of Conduits and kamikazes mixed in. Your best bet is to stick to the upper pathways and try to get ahead of the gang. Wait for the truck to come under you, then hit it with Grenades or Hammers or Lightning Storm.

Spy Games[edit]

  • Iterations: 3

This is a "stealth" mini-game, of sorts. A kamikaze courier needs to be followed, and you have to avoid detection. Stay above him; whenever he stops, take cover. (For some reason, he can see you even if you're 10 stories above him, if you just stand in the open.) Alternately, you can follow him at street level – just stay far behind and keep under cover whenever he stops. When he makes his drop, run forward and pick up the package, which is five Blast Shards.

The Impostor[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

A Reaper Conduit is roaming the park disguised as a pedestrian. Track him down using your radar pulse (L3 button). The impostor will show as a red dot on your mini-map, and then flash red when you're nearby. Take him out as quickly as possible, so it doesn't become a contested run-and-shoot.

Hidden Package[edit]

  • Iterations: 9

Cole has the ability to read the leftover electrical impulses in a dead person's brain. Occasionally, you will kill a gang member and a side mission marker will appear over the body. Go over and press Triangle button to get a picture of a hidden stash. The general area of the stash will show on the mini-map as a large yellow circle.

Go within that area and try to pinpoint the location of the package by comparing landmarks in the picture from the dead guy's mind. (Press Triangle button at any time to take another look at the picture.) When you find the package, the mission is over and you score five Blast Shards.

Since these missions only occur when you kill a gang member in the general area of the package, it is common for you to miss these as you're playing through the game. If you've cleared all marked side missions on your map, but there are still gang-held territories; then, you've got a Hidden Package mission waiting to be unlocked. Enter the red territory and start shooting mobs. Remember, you have to kill them. Just taking them down or restraining them won't unlock the mission.

Satellite Uplinks[edit]

  • Iterations: 8

These missions are races against the clock. You'll start the mission being shown a satellite uplink. Climb up to it and drain the charge; you then have to run past a series of other uplinks (you don't have to drain them, just run or glide past them) to reset all of them. There is a time limit for reaching each uplink in the series, and this limit is extended each time you run past an uplink.

Uplinks show on your mini-map and can be identified by the beam of light they shoot in the air. You will probably have to run each course two or three times as you figure out the fastest way between uplinks. As the game progresses, you will have to use wire grinding and Static Thrusters to reach each uplink in time, so you'll need to practice.

Completing the Satellite Uplinks missions increases the number of side missions that show on your mini-map. You could find these side missions without the map just by wandering over them, but having them on the map makes it easier.


  • Iterations: 3

A civvie wants to take some pictures of you doing interesting things. Fulfill each request, trying not to harm anyone in the process (if playing Good, of course). Requests may include healing someone, punching a gang member (who will, of course, be shooting you), blowing up a car, grinding a wire, etc.

The Informant[edit]

  • Iterations: 2

Pretty much as soon as you get asked to perform this mission, you will be attacked. The person asking for help has information on the local gang and he's a marked man (or she's a marked woman). Immediately, gang members spawn nearby and start shooting. You've got to take them out while keeping the informant alive.

Playing Doctor[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Karma Moment: Heal the injured cops, or steal the Blast Shards.

For Good Karma, go to the marked place on your map and heal the injured cops. You'll then have to run back to the mission-giver and fight off some Reapers. Afterwards, you can pick up your reward: five Blast Shards. For Evil Karma, just attack the police and take the Blast Shards.


  • Iterations: 1

Karma Moment: Help the police, or do nothing and let them fend for themselves.

A police station is under attack. If playing the Evil path, just let the cops and gang fight it out and deal with survivors (if any). Heroes will, of course, jump in and take some lumps on behalf of the police.

Grave Danger[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

This one is an ambush. The quest-giver turns into a Reaper Conduit and all of a sudden you are surrounded. Don't take this mission unless you are fully charged and be prepared to let loose with a lot of Shockwaves and run for the nearest high point.

Drug Runners[edit]

  • Iterations: 2

Gang members have run off with a clinic's drug supplies. Chase down the marked mobs, take them down and pick up the packages they were carrying. Return to the EMT and the mission is complete and a clinic is opened. There is one of these missions in the Neon and one in the Historic District. In the Historic District, at least one of the First Sons you are after is a Conduit.

Explosive Choices[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Reapers have planted a bomb on the police station. Follow the officer to the station.

Karma Moment: For Good Karma, drain the bomb. For Evil Karma, just wait around until the bomb goes off. If you take the Evil path, the cops will turn on you and start shooting. You have to kill them to finish the mission.

Street Fight[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Reapers and Dust Men are mixing it up and your job is to jump in with them. Even if you haven't finished Zeke's Request and encountered a Dust Man Conduit, you'll meet them in this mission. Several. There are a couple dozen Reapers and Dust Men with Conduits on both sides going at each other. First things first: blow up the gas station. That will take out a few mobs. Stay back and concentrate on Shockwaving the cars into the mobs that come running at you. Duck in an alley if you need a recharge.

Another option is to get up on a roof and lob grenades down into the mix. Whatever you do, watch out for the grenades and rockets that get sent your way and use Shockwave to deflect them. There will be two Reaper RPGs up on a roof – use Precision to bring them down.

Split Decision[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Dust Men have kidnapped a woman's brother and stolen their Blast Shards. For Evil Karma and the Shards, go after the Dust Men with the Shards. For Good Karma, but no Shards, rescue the woman's brother.

El Train[edit]

  • Iterations: 2

These missions will start the trains rolling again in the Warren and the Historic District.

For the Warren, first take out a bunch of Dust Men camping out on the tracks. Of course, you start the mission right near the tracks and in the line of fire, so hightail it behind the nearest building and climb up for a better angle. There's a gas station next to the tracks with a lot of Dust Men; a Grenade will blow up the station and a lot of Dust Men.

When all the Dust Men around the objective are down, climb up to the station and Shockwave the cars off the tracks. Then ride the train forward to a tunnel. Clear the Dust Men out of the tunnel (Shockwave and Hammer are good here) and run to the other end.

Drop to the street, take out the Dust Men and charge the feeder box on the underside of the tracks. Climb back up and enter the tunnel. Two bombers have taken up residence, so Shockwave them into insensibility and zap them. Ride the train out of the tunnel to finish the mission.

The second El Train mission gets the trains running in the Historic District. The First Sons will unleash their bomber drones AND a UAV on you. The final stand is against a house infested with mobs, including a machine gun turret. Jump off the train as you approach and get on the roof of the building on the opposite side of the tracks. Stay out of sight from the machine gun until you have dealt with the bomber drones; then, unleash a string of Hammers on the turret.

Brother's Keeper[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

The Dust Men have kidnapped a guy's brother and dressed him in a Dust Man outfit. Find the group of four Dust Men and use Precision to head shock the three with round hoods and leave the fourth alone. You'll have to move fast; as soon as you head shock the first Dust Man, the others will try to shoot the fake.

Chasing Echoes[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

This mission pops up over a dead civilian. Start the mission to read the electrical signature of the attacker and follow that shadow into the Dust Men fortress on the pier. Watch for Dust Men as you follow the shadow into the maze until you reach a point where you see shadows of three Dust Men Conduits. You now have to hunt down the Conduits and defeat them. The best way to deal with the Conduits is to get up on top of the containers – the Conduits and their scorpion bots are all on ground level.

Terror Bus[edit]

  • Iterations: 4

This is the same as the story mission, Terrorized Streets, except there's only one bus. These side missions won't show up until you've finished that story mission, so you'll know how to handle the problem. If you wait to do these until after you have Lightning Storm, you can take down the bus just by getting near it and using Storm on it. Of course, the buses like to run under the train tracks, so that's easier said than done.

Supply Run[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

This is Anything for Trish in miniature. Ride a charged bus through the streets of the Historic District, fighting off lots of First Sons and at least five of the giant First Son Conduits. Again, the easiest, though not shortest, way through the mission is to jump off the bus at each sign of a red dot on your mini-map and take out the First Sons ahead, then ride the bus a little farther. Your destination is a clinic on a pier on the east side of the Historic District. This mission is a little bugged, in that you don't always get the "Mission Accomplished" screen at the end. However, you still get the XP and the territory will be cleared.

Clinical Disaster[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

This side mission is nearly identical to the story mission, Medical Emergency. Go to the marked pier and take down all the Reapers to open a clinic.

Clinical Onslaught[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

This is another save-the-clinic mission. This time you have to fight off two waves of Reapers from around a fountain. The first "wave" is two Reapers who are roaming around the fountain as soon as you start the mission. Take them out, then run for your life. As soon as you take out the first two Reapers, six more spawn nearby and will hit you hard.

You cannot try to "cheat" by taking out the first two Reapers from a nearby building. The remaining six will not spawn until you are actually on the ground next to the fountain. So wait for the six to spawn, then hightail it down an alley and climb the back of a building and take down the last six from the comparative safety of a rooftop.

Stolen Prescriptions[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

This mission is very similar to the Drug Runners missions. You pick this up in the Warren next to the hospital. Seven boxes of medical supplies have been stolen by Dust Men and you must retrieve them. The Dust Men are holed up "in" a building nearby. The building is actually a series of interconnected structures with porches running down the front and back of each level. The Dust Men are on those porches and you'll have a devil of a time shooting them off.

You can use Precision to try to head shock them from across the tracks, but you'll still get peppered because you'll be under fire from a dozen or so Dust Men the entire time. A better option is to go way around the block and get above the building, then drop down onto the roof and pick off the Dust Men on top of the structure. Afterward, you can drop down level-by-level and deal with the one or two Dust Men on each porch and pick up their packages.

Surgical Operation[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Save-the-clinic with a twist. Approach the marked pier with caution; it is swarming with Dust Men, at least a couple of who will be RPGs or machine gunners. Clear out all the Dust Men around the front of the pier, then recharge yourself and climb on the roof of the building and head for the end of the pier. You'll find a doctor covered by two Dust Men. Take them out quickly with Precision head shocks.

Ulterior Motives[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Protect a dude as he goes to get something from his locker. You'll meet up with plenty of Dust Men, including a small Conduit or two. When you've finally cleared all the Dust Men, the guy gives you one Blast Shard. You can choose to accept it (Good Karma), or waste the dude and take his entire stash (Evil Karma).


  • Iterations: 1

A bunch of Dust Men, including a couple of RPG Conduits, has taken over a medical clinic. Take them all down to open the clinic.

Med Drop[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

Seven crates of medical supplies have been dropped in the Historic District; unfortunately, they're up on the roofs of some nearby buildings. Climb up, take out all the First Sons and Shockwave the crates off the rooftops. This mission is available as soon as you come into the Historic District and is a good choice to do immediately as it opens a clinic in the area.


  • Iterations: 1

Some lady in the park is convinced invisible guys are lurking nearby, and she's right. You'll get blasted as soon as the lady stops talking, so be prepared to run away. There are three invisible First Son Conduits grouped together near the lady. You'll want to put some distance between you before turning and spreading grenades over the area. Shoot the bad guys as they are shocked into visibility.

Private Property[edit]

  • Iterations: 1

A man has been injured defending his locker from First Sons. This mission is short and sweet and requires no combat. Approach the injured man to get a Karma Moment. Heal the guy and he'll give you five Blast Shards. Try to take the Blast Shards and you'll be hit by a booby trap and get zilch for your trouble (except for some Evil Karma).