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This mission is the worst of the lot in terms of platforming. To begin, find the pipes hanging down near the "doorway" and climb them to a platform. You'll be pointed to what looks like a giant fan. Blast it with a few Bolts to get it turning and bring Zeke up with you. Take out a few Dust Men and find the next elevator. Once again, you have to pull your friend up with you.

From girder to girder[edit]

Go back around the wall near the elevator and use the boxes at the base to get to the top. Go up the center of the tower wall until you're able to get on the bus that's sticking out. From there, jump to a vertical sign and then glide to a girder near the elevator. Jump to a neon sign with three circles and then you will glide to another girder. From here you jump to another sign and then climb a girder that allows you to reach the next platform.

Clear the Dust Men from the platform, then charge the turbine to bring Zeke up. From here, the platforming doesn't get any easier. Go around the corner from the next elevator and use signs and girders to scale the wall. You have to go back and forth along the wall, occasionally gliding to get to the next outcropping. When you reach a flat platform, glide to the large yellow girder on the opposite side of the wall. From there you have a very long glide to another girder. Then there are a few more girders, each quite a distance from the one before it, until you finally reach a sort of detached tower. Scale the tower using signs until you reach the next platform.

To the battle[edit]

Again, you will have to clear the platform and charge a turbine to bring Zeke up. Go around to the other side of the platform from the elevator and climb the sign with the three circles. To reach the final platform, you only have to glide to three girders, however, the girders are twisted and Cole doesn't always grab hold as he should. Expect to miss a few times before you twist yourself just right. Once you empty the platform and bring Zeke up, a big battle is under way.

First up will be normal Dust Men, some with grenades. Shockwaving them off the tower works pretty well, as does simply shooting them. Remember you have Polarity Wall now as well, to fend off their attacks. After they are gone, you have to fight a small Conduit and his scorpion spawn as well as some more Dust Men. Again, Shockwave works pretty well when you're way up in the air without a net.

Finally, it's the big battle against a Conduit trashbot. You don't have the room to dodge its attacks, so use your shield and shoot at its arms in between its attacks. The big problem here will be the scorpions that keep coming at you. If you don't deal with them, they can cause serious damage. On the other hand, you can't deal with the scorpions while holding your shield. A few well-placed grenades can keep the scorpions off you long enough for you to take out the trashbot and end the mission.