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Character Cards is a feature that is accessed from the character selection screen on each server. Character Cards are given for each second, third, and fourth job characters. They are used to add minor buffs to characters.

9 character cards can used at any time. There are 3 decks, separated by tabs, numbered 1, 2 and 3 on the Character Cards screen. If you put character cards in a deck, all characters in the same account and world will receive the buff. There are 3 tabs, so don't forget to apply all of your characters if you have more than three at second job or above. However, you cannot use 2 or more of a card that is of the same exact job (regardless of what card rank they are). That means, for example, you can put Bowmaster card with Crossbow Master card and Wind Breaker card but never another Bowmaster or Crossbow Master or Wind breaker card in the other decks including the current one.

There are 4 levels of character cards, depending on what job advancement the character has achieved:

  • This does not apply to Zero.
    • Second job: Rank B.
    • Third job: Rank A.
    • Fourth job: Rank S.
    • Level 200: Rank SS.
  • Zero card ranks
    • Rank B: Level 110
    • Rank A: Level 130
    • Rank S: Level 160
    • Rank SS: Level 200

If you fill a deck, a deck effect is added.


The buff given is based on the class of the character.

Class Buff
Hero Weapon DEF +2/3/4/5%
Paladin Weapon Damage +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
Dark Knight Max HP +2/3/4/5%
Fire/Poison Max MP +2/3/4/5%
Ice/Lightning Magic damage +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
Bishop MP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
Bow Master Accuracy +2/4/6/8%
Marksman Critical chance +1/2/3/4%
Night Lord Jump +2/3/4/5
Shadower Movement Speed +2/3/4/5
Dual Blade Avoidability +2/3/4/5%
Buccaneer Bonus damage +2/3/4/5 per character level
Captain Summon duration +4/6/8/10%
Cannoneer Death EXP loss -2/3/4/5%
Demon Slayer Abnormal Status Resistance +1/2/3/4%
Battle Mage Damage when hit -2/3/4/5%
Wild Hunter 0.5/1/1.5/2% chance to instant kill (bosses excluded)
Mechanic Buff duration +5/10/15/20%
Aran 70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max HP on successful hit
Evan 70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max MP on successful hit
Mercedes Skill cooldown -2/3/4/5%
Phantom Meso acquisition +1/2/3/4%
Dawn Warrior Weapon DEF +2/3/4/5%
Blaze Wizard +0.5/1/1.5/2 magic damage per character level
Wind Archer Accuracy +2/4/6/8%
Night Walker Avoidability +2/3/4/5%
Thunder Breaker +0.5/1/1.5/2 Bonus damage per character level
Mihile Weapon DEF +2/3/4/5%
Zero Monster EXP +4/6/8/10%
Demon Avenger Boss damage +1/2/3/5%
Kaiser STR +10/20/40/80
Angelic Buster DEX +10/20/40/80
Luminous INT +10/20/40/80
Xenon STR, DEX & LUK +5/10/20/40
Jett Summon creature Duration +2/4/8/10%
Zen Minimum critical damage +1/2/3/4%
Hayato Minimum critical damage +2/4/6/8%
Kanna Boss damage +1/2/3/4%
Beast Tamer Ignore DEF +2/4/6/8%
Eunwol/Shade Minimum and Maximum Critical Damage +1/2/3/5%
  • Zero card starts at level 110/130/160/200 for rank B/A/S/SS respectively.

Deck effect[edit]

Deck effects are given if a deck is filled. Unique Deck effects give additional special stats such as maximum critical damage increase and final attack damage increase. However, only 1 of each Unique deck effect is used so when there are duplicates of the same effect, the better one is applied. (Duplicate means that the deck effect name is exactly the same, so you can have up till 30 all stats with Free Spirit, The Glorious Return and Blaze of Resistance) The rank of the unique deck effects are based on the average level of all 3 cards and it will correspond with the requirements and rank. You can get up till 3 different Unique deck effects and they stack with Regular deck effects.

  • Note: If you place any Nova jobs, Sengoku jobs or Zero card in any deck, they will break the "Free Spirit", "Blaze of Resistance", "The Glorious Return" and "Honour of Cygnus" deck effect for that deck., though Nova job cards have the same colour as Explorer job cards.
  • If Zero card is placed for Warrior's bonus deck, the rank is formulated as per normal and not based on Zero's card rank level requirements.
Name of Unique deck effect Activation Condition Bonus Effect
Powerful Charge 3 Warrior Cards 4/6/8/10% of Max HP added as bonus damage
Magical Storm 3 Magician Cards 4/6/8/10% of Max MP added as bonus damage
Pinpoint Aim 3 Bowman Cards Final Attack type damage +1/2/3/4%
Weak Point Targeting 3 Thief Cards Max critical damage +1/2/3/4%
Pirate's Way 3 Pirate Cards Ignore 2/4/6/8% DEF
Free Spirit 3 Explorer Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10
Honour of Cygnus 3 Cygnus Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10
The Glorious Return 3 Hero Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10
Blaze of Resistance 3 Resistance Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10

Regular deck effects can be stacked unlike Unique Deck effects. Regular deck effects give HP, MP, ATT , Magic ATT and Boss damage. You can stack up till 3 Regular deck effects and they stack with Unique deck effects. Regular deck effect rank is based on the lowest card rank in the deck. (Example: If you have 3 S rank cards the deck is S rank effect. If there is 2 SS rank and 1 B rank, the deck effect will be counted as B rank.)

  • Note: Not necessarily must all 3 cards be the same rank. As long as they are above the stated rank, you get the corrssponding effect.
Name of regular deck effect Activation requirement Bonus effect
Warrior's First Step 3 Rank B Cards HP 300, MP 300
Warrior's Growth 3 Rank A Cards +500 HP, 500 MP, 1 ATT, 1 M. ATT
Warrior's Feat 3 Rank S Cards + 700 HP, 700 MP, 3 ATT, 3 M. ATT, Boss ATT 3%
Completed Warrior 3 Rank SS Cards + 1000 HP, 1000 MP, 5 ATT, 5 M. ATT, Boss ATT 5%