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Map of Peach's Birthday Cake

Peach's Birthday Cake was baked for a celebration. However, it is missing a few decorations.

The group of four players are places at the bottom-left corner, and start by travelling along the outside of the cake. When they reach the junction, the path is determined as part of a lottery system.

At this junction, the Goomba takes 10 coins, and requires you to choose one of four seeds (which get replenished once they are all taken). The "winning" seed directs you to the external desert, where you get to meet Bowser, who will take 20 coins in exchange for a useless cake.

There is a large number of happening tiles around the outer edge. If you land on one with sufficient coins, a Goomba will offer to sell you a strawberry seed for 30 coins. If you buy it, the seed will plant into that tile, and a piranha plant will grow in its place. This plant will steal one star from a player later landing on the tile, and give it to you. After the grab, the plant will disappear.

When there are 5 turns left, there is approximately 25% chance that another player will land on the strawberry plant. With 10 turns left, it is 50%. With 20 turns, 70%. While you should purchase plants whenever possible, the best ones are located at the bottom (when you have time to recover your investment) before the announcement that there are ten turns left.


The cake has:

  • 21 blue tiles.
  • 3 red tiles
  • 14 happening tiles.
  • 5 mushroom tiles.
  • 1 star tile.
  • 1 chance tile.

Bowser's dessert has:

  • 7 blue tiles
  • 1 red tile
  • 1 mushroom tile
  • 1 star tile
  • 2 bowser tiles