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Mm2 flashman2.gif
Mm2 flashman2.gif

Description: Flash Man's stage is very short and extremely easy. The stage is set in a base filled with crystals that make Mega Man slide, which can be dangerous around a large group of enemies. To counter this, simply jump to stop Mega Man from sliding. The stage does not have any pits but it does contain a tough enemy: the Sniper Armor, which is a large mechanical enemy that fires at you from above. Other than that, Flash Man's stage is a breeze and should present no problem.

Walkthrough: You'll begin in a large room filled with blue crystals. Start moving to the right and drop down the first opening. Keep going down this passage, shooting any Shotmen (they're those strange red guys with the cannons) that block your path (their shots do not take that much damage, so it's nothing to worry about if you get hit). When you reach the end of this small passage, jump onto the platform on the right. Jump up to the next platform, drop down the next opening and keep going right. Destroy the Shotman on the platform by shooting from behind the wall and then go up to the platform where the Shotman was; drop all the way down. You'll immediately appear right in front of a Sniper Armor. Either get hit by it and keep running or destroy it.

Flash Man's stage: Mega Man dodging pellets fired from the Shotmen up above. This area is near the starting point of the stage.

Jump down the next opening on the left, destroy the Blocky and jump onto the platform where the Blocky was. Go down on the right, where you'll then appear in a room with some Scworms (the small machines that spawn worms). Simply run past them and drop down to the right. Now you'll appear in a small hole in front of a Sniper Armor. You can safely destroy the Sniper Armor and the Joe that pops out of it from this vantage point. Once the Armor is destroyed, drop down to the right and keep moving to the right until you get to the edge. Jump from block to block until you get to the end (the jumps can be tricky so take your time). Your reward will be an E-Tank that is at the end of path. Now drop back down and move to the right, where you'll see a Sniper Armor on a platform. Run to the left and he'll be erased from the screen. Go onto the platform the Armor was on, jump to the chamber from this platform and prepare to fight Flash Man!

Robot Master[edit]

MM2 Flash Man.png

Strategy: Flash Man is a fairly simple boss with the Crash Bombers, although he is even easier with the Metal Blades. It will take about 4 Metal Blades to defeat him in Normal mode. Each time he is hit he does a small jump, shoot him right after he lands and you should barely have to move before he gloriously explodes! If you prefer Crash Bombers, it will take about five Crash Bombers in Normal mode to defeat him and eight Crash Bombers in Difficult mode (so you'll have to use the Mega Buster afterwards since you can only use seven Crash Bombers). Flash Man can freeze time and when he does, he'll try to shoot you (although he really has bad aim). Other than that, he just walks around the room trying to bump into you. Right before he freezes time, try to jump in the air because you'll have a higher chance of not getting hit. Use Crash Bombers when he's just about to walk onto an oncoming platform or shoot them directly at him. When he's down, you'll get Flash Man's weapon and another Item: the Time Stopper and Item-3, which will be very useful.