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Robot Master select screen

The first part of the game can be beaten in any order, but the sequence shown below is recommended because as every Robot Master is weak to the previous Master's main weapon, and the first entry is generally the easiest for most players. The Wily Fortress is the final stage after beating all eight Robot Masters, and is comprised of five stages. If you're playing the NES version, you may choose either Normal difficulty (enemies take an average amount of damage to destroy) or Difficult (enemies take twice the amount of damage to destroy). For Mega Man Anniversary Collection players, select New Game and then Mega Man 2, where you'll then have to select Normal or Difficult mode. After beating each Robot Master you are given a password to load at that point in time when you want to (or the game will auto-save in the Anniversary Collection).

Quick Walkthrough (Weaknesses)[edit]

Stage Select
  • Air Man (use Arm Cannon, win Item-2)
  • Crash Man (use Air Shooter)
  • Flash Man (use Crash Bomber, win Item-3)
  • Quick Man (use Time Stopper then Crash Bomber)
  • Metal Man (use Quick Boomerang)
  • Bubble Man (use Metal Blade)
  • Heat Man (use Item-2 during stage and Bubble Lead, win Item-1)
  • Wood Man (use Atomic Fire)
  • Mecha Dragon (Stage 1, use Quick Boomerang)
  • Pico Pico (Stage 2, use Bubble Lead)
  • Guts Tank (Stage 3, use Quick Boomerang)
  • BubBeam Trap (Stage 4, use Crash Bomb)
  • Dr. Wily, phase I (Stage 5, use Atomic Fire or Crash Bomb)
  • Dr. Wily, phase II (Stage 5, use Metal Blade or Crash Bomb)
  • Dr. Wily, phase III (Stage 6, use Bubble Lead)