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  • W-tank 2

Dr. Wily's Teleport System[edit]

All Original 8 bosses, in these locations:
[F] [SL]
[J] [C]
[T] [SP]
Freezeman Slashman
Junkman   Cloudman
Turboman  Springman
Shademan  Burstman

After defeating them, a teleporter will appear allowing you to travel to Dr. Wily himself.

Dr. Wily Form 1[edit]


I recommend focusing on dodging and destroying his little creatures. Throw in a few good hits when you can, but think defensively. The charged Mega Buster shots will do just as much as a Thunder Bolt, so use them to take him down quicker.

  1. Bounce Crush: Hops across the room, if caught underneath his chin you will feel the pain of the spikes.
    • Solution: Slide underneath, this is also a good time to blast Wily in the face.
  2. Minion Creation: When he returns (after jumping off screen) he will throw out two replicas of the robot which will try to crash into you. He will slowly walk across the room, about 1/4 of the way across, he will leap the remaining space and smash you if you are in the corner. Often when you destroy the robots, he will rush the rest of the way instead of slowly hopping.
    • Solution: Blast them away and watch out for Wily. Use Junk Shield to remove them easily.

Dr. Wily Form 2[edit]


Blast him when he appears, since he becomes invisible between attacks. Try charging a coil shot every once in a while to speed up the battle. To eliminate the four balls from being summoned, use Thunder Bolts (strike him), this should increase your health capacity by a ton. Have fun, he takes 28 normal hits so this might take a few tries. If he's not in the top 1/3 of the screen, you should be able to hit him, even with the coils, since they shoot upwards a bit when released. Try to hit him with a charged coil, change to Thunder Bolts (through the menu) and then jump up and hit him with a Thunder Bolt immediately after he stops flashing. This way you will damage him and he won't be able to hit you (easily). If he's too high to hit with your other weapons, remember you can angle the Freeze Cracker by holding UP or DOWN on the D-pad as you fire. The best time to dodge the 4 balls (Energy Swarm) is if he is at the top of the screen in one of the corners. If this is the case, simply stand under him, wait for the balls to summon, dash to the opposite corner, and as they chase you, jump over towards them. This way they will be low to the ground and grouped in a way that you can get over all 4 at the same time (almost in a line). Remember to jump at the right time to dodge the 4 sparks. Most likely you will die the first few times when facing this boss. If you have the max amount of spare tanks (four each of E- and W-Tanks to refill your life and weapon energy, and one S-Tank to fill your life and all your weapons at once), you can probably outlast him even if you get hit often. By the time you do beat him, you'll be able contribute to this guide.

  1. Energy Swarm: Summons four energy balls to come at you, they move in two spurts, each time towards your position. Afterwards, he will send a wave of energy along the ground: two sparks, like Cloudman's attack, in each direction.
    • Solution: Try to dodge the balls, jump over the dual "shockwave". (See Strategy for more information.)