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Magic Seed Mania[edit]

If you have not done so already, you must collect all four magical seeds for Mihn T.

Seed locations
  • Across from the pipe that leads to the sewers in Toad Town
  • Along the path before Dry Dry Desert
  • In the center of the 3rd map while making your way to Boo's Mansion
  • Give the Volcano Vase to Kolorado after beating chapter 5

Clouds in the Fields[edit]

Mole Patrol[edit]

A Present from Posie[edit]

Lilly in Trouble[edit]

Through the Hedge Maze[edit]

Crystal Berry Search[edit]

The Bubble Berry[edit]

A Tip from the Sun[edit]

Spike appears[edit]

The Puff-Puff Machine[edit]

Battle in the Sky[edit]

You'll encounter Huff N. Puff. Whenever you inflict damage on him, he sheds Tuff Puffs. He can inhale the Tuff Puffs to restore any damage you deal to him. Basically, have Mario attack him with a strong attack, and then have Lakilester use Spiny Surge on him, which will destroy the Tuff Puffs. Either way, this will be a tough fight, so be prepared.

PEACH: Relief Search[edit]