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Phoenix arrives at the Fey & Co. Law Offices at the request of Mia. Although Phoenix is a little late, he arrives before the police. This is the first instance where you will play in the Investigation mode. Select "Move" and move into the office.


PWAA thethinker.png
PWAA glassshards.png
PWAA receipt.png

Here you will find the crime scene.

A girl is crying next to Mia’s lifeless body, and the office looks like it has been thoroughly searched. Select "Examine" and click on Mia’s corpse. "The Thinker" and the Glass Shards will be added to the Court Record. You will notice something fall from Mia’s hand. Examine the blood-stained receipt, and it will be added to the Court Record. You will also notice two small arrows at the bottom of the lower screen. These make it possible to examine areas outside the current view. Click on the arrow to move to the right side of the office. Examine the telephone. Phoenix will try to make a call, and will notice that the phone is missing some screws from the receiver. You are able to examine other items in the room, however, the rest are non-essential to advancing the plot.

Suddenly you will hear a scream from outside the window in the office. A woman in the hotel across the street is staring right at you and is calling the police. Move back into the Fey & Co. Law Offices (the first room you were in).

Fey & Co. Law Offices[edit]

The girl you saw earlier will come to and introduce herself as Maya Fey, Mia's little sister. Talk to Maya:

  • What happened: All Maya can say is that she arrived at the office, and Mia was already dead.
  • You and the Chief: Maya is Mia's sister. Mia wanted her to keep some evidence.

Present Maya with the Receipt: Maya is stunned to see her sister wrote her name on the Receipt.

At this moment the police arrive and a detective, named Dick Gumshoe, notices the name on the Receipt. He promptly arrests Maya for the murder and takes her away.

Detention Center[edit]

The next morning you will arrive at the Detention Center. Maya will ask you if you will be her lawyer. You have a choice. Choose "It's up to you," then talk to Maya:

  • Maya: You will learn that Maya is a spirit medium in training, as her uniform states.
  • The day of the crime: On the morning of the crime, Mia called Maya to have her protect the evidence. She has the call recorded on her phone.
  • Your cell phone: Maya would let you hear the call now, but Gumshoe took it from her.
  • Spirit mediums: The Fey family, especially the women, has spiritual powers and can contact the dead. Mia's powers were first-class. Phoenix tells Maya to contact Mia, so she can tell him who killed her, but Maya says her power is too weak; she is still in training.
PWAA memo.png

Maya will give you a Memo to get her cell phone from the detective, because it has the recorded call between her and Mia on the day of the murder.

She will ask you to visit a famous lawyer that Mia told her to go to for help. It doesn't matter what you choose. Talk to her again about the day of the crime.

  • The day of the crime (cont.): Maya went to Mia's office just like she was told. Maya smelled blood, and the next thing she knew, she found her sister dead.

Move to the Fey & Co Law Offices.

Fey & Co. Law Offices (2)[edit]

PWAA autopsyreport.png
PWAA mayascellphone.png

Here you will meet Detective Gumshoe. When you have the choice, select "Detective Gumshoe" from the options. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Mia: Phoenix asks for the autopsy report, which will be added to the Court Record.
  • Maya: Gumshoe doesn't think you'll win, because a man named Miles Edgeworth is the prosecution of this case.
  • Edgeworth: When he asks if you know Edgeworth, it doesn't matter which option you choose. Phoenix says he is a cold-hearted man, who hates crime and would do just about anything to get the Guilty verdict.

Present Gumshoe with Maya's Memo for the cell phone, and you'll have an option to choose, though it doesn't matter which you pick. He will give you Maya's Cell Phone, and it will be added to the Court Record. Gumshoe will accidentally tell you about the witness (April May, the woman you saw at the window yesterday) and that she is still staying at the Gatewater Hotel. Go meet her, by moving to the Gatewater Hotel.

Gatewater Hotel[edit]

April May will talk to you for a bit then leave the room. Examine the two glasses on the table next to the window, then examine the screwdriver that is stuck in the drawer. Phoenix will attempt to look inside the drawer, but April will come back in and get annoyed with you. You can talk to April if you want, but you won’t get much information from her.

Time to get Maya her lawyer. Move to Grossberg Law Offices.

Grossberg Law Offices[edit]

If you don't see anyone here, move back to the Detention Center and complete the rest of this section later. Otherwise, things look promising, as Grossberg seems happy to help you, however, once you mention Maya's name, he instantly rejects taking on her case. This seems like a strange thing to say. Talk to Grossberg:

  • Your refusal: When Phoenix asks him why, Grossberg doesn't say. When Phoenix tries to look for other lawyers, Grossberg states that no one would take the case.
  • Mia: Mia once worked here as an apprentice.

Move back to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)[edit]

If Maya is here, then depending on whether you've met with Grossberg or not, Maya will either ask you what he said or allow you to choose an action. Whichever order you end up doing things, Maya doesn’t take the news of the refusal very well. Choose "Defend Maya" and when she asks why, tell her, "I can’t abandon you."

When you get the chance, present Maya with her Cell Phone. She tearfully listens to her call. Next, talk to Maya:

  • Your family: Maya's father died when she was little, and she doesn't know where her mother is.
  • Your mother: Her family was involved in a case. There, a man ruined her mother's life. She then disappeared and hasn't been seen since. Several years later, her sister left, so Maya lives all by herself to train her ESP.
  • Your mother's enemy: 15 years ago, her family was involved in a case. Her mother was used to channel a victim and identify a murderer. They thought they had him, but the man was proven innocent. When the enemy found out about this, he accused the medium as a fraud and leaked to the papers. The medium became the laughing stock of the nation and left. When asked the name, Maya says, "White."

If you haven't met with him yet, go see if Grossberg is back. When you've completed both the section on Grossberg and the one on Maya, move to the Gatewater Hotel.

Gatewater Hotel (2)[edit]

PWAA wiretap.png

When you arrive at the hotel, you will meet the bellboy. He will ask you to tell April May that a man named "Mr. White" has left a message for her. Mr. White? Could it just be a coincidence? This is your chance to find out what is in that drawer. Examine the drawer. There's a Wiretap in there! What is it doing there? It must be a clue. The Wiretap will be added to the Court Record.

If you have completed everything, then the day will end automatically.