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Solaceon Ruins[edit]

Just to the east of Solaceon Town, the ruins contain the infamous Unown. There are 26 types of Unown that can be caught in the main section of the ruins- each takes the form of a letter A-Z. After catching all 26 types of Unown, talk to the Digging Manic in the Maniac Tunnel near route 214. After you have caught all 26 kinds, a hole will open up at the far end of the Maniac Tunnel. The hole leads to a special room in the Solaceon Ruins where Unown-! and Unown-? are able to be caught. There is a different type of Unown to every room in the ruins. You should be able to catch every one with a quick ball first time round.

Each Unown signifies a letter in the English alphabet. Each of the hallways contains an Unown corresponding to 1 of the letters in "F-R-I-E-N-D". All the other Unown letters can be found in the dead ends found in the hallways.


Name Type Level Rarity
Pokemon 201Unown.pngUnown PkmnType Psychic.gif Common


  • Odd Incense help keep wild Pokémon away if held by Pokémon first in party
  • Mind Plate held to power up psychic type moves
  • Escape Rope getting out of a cave instantly just like TM28 Dig will
  • Big Mushroom
  • Repel to keep away wild pokemons
  • Nugget sell for high price
  • Rare Candy use to increase the level of a Pokémon by 1
  • TM 28: Dig