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Some time after beating Mt. Freeze, Wynaut and Wobbuffet will appear outside of the Pelipper Contact House to ask you to help them out. Accepting this grants you access to Uproar Forest. Once you reach the 10th floor you will find the Mankey gang that's apparently been causing problems. Afterwards everyone will return to your rescue team's headquarters. The Mankeys will help upgrade your teams HQ in exchange for peeling a chestnut for them(they don't have the patience to peel it themselves and just get really mad when they try). A total of 2 chestnuts will be required to advance in the storyline. If you don't have enough to bribe the Mankeys, go through the dungeon until you have found some.

Dungeon Summary[edit]

This is a short dungeon, but it's the first one to have the possibility of Monster Houses, so tread lightly(X-ray Specs will help if you're not sure about your team's strength).


Green and Grass Gummis are extremely common here and Pink Gummis are found here as well(not as common, though). Chestnuts can be found on floor 9. Be sure to pick a couple up when you reach the floor since the Mankey won't help if you don't give them some.


Name Type Level EXP Levels seen Recruit Rate
Venonat PkmnType Bug.gif/PkmnType Poison.gif 17 26 / 52 1-5 11.4%
Aipom (blue only) PkmnType Normal.gif 15 1-6 7.2%
Seedot PkmnType Grass.gif 16 48 / 97 3-9 11.2%
Roselia (red only) PkmnType Grass.gif/PkmnType Poison.gif 16 / 90 4-7 7%
Nuzleaf PkmnType Grass.gif/PkmnType Dark.gif 18 / 95 5-9 -19%
Mankey PkmnType Fighting.gif 11 30 / 60 8-9 10.9%

Mankey can not be recruited until after the first completion of the dungeon.