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An overview of the first room.

Chamber 19 is the final test, after which you have been promised cake.

Welcome to the final test. When you are done, you will drop the device in the equipment recovery annex. Enrichment Center Regulations require both hands to be empty, before any cake...


There are 3 cameras:
  1. On the right wall of the first room.
  2. Above the small button in the annex.
  3. At the end of the hallway with the permanent pellet.

First room[edit]

The pellet should be between the platform and the wall.

The first thing you see in the room is a pellet launcher, a pellet receiver, and two platforms in a 45o angle to the floor (as seen in the overview image). The first thing that should be done is placing a portal below the pellet launcher. Remember not to create another portal, as the pellet would go through it. After this has been done, make ready to shoot at the other platform (timing is all important here). When the pellet is between the platform and the wall (as in the image on the right), make a portal below the pellet receiver. The pellet receiver then starts the moving platforms.

Setting of the portals to advance.

Now, create a portal behind the stationary platform you can see, while looking down the hallway, and create another accessible portal.


Portal setting to get to appendix.
Portal setting to get through door.

On the platform, you can see an appendix area farther down the hallway; create a portal here, and go through the one you just exited, so you are now in the appendix area. In this area there is a button, which opens the door next to you for a few seconds. Push this button, and create a portal on the other side of the door at approximately the same height as your current position. When a platform passes the portal, walk onto it (you do not have enough time to go through the door on a platform). In front of you there is a permanent pellet ricocheting between the window to the first room and the wall of the hallway. In order to deal with this, you have to create a portal on the wall, and when the pellet has gone through it, quickly create the other portal another place so the pellet does not ricochet back through the portal.

Portal setting to get past wall.

Now you are facing a wall, which you have to cross by creating a portal on that wall, and another on a higher ground on the other side, as shown in the picture to the left. When the platform reaches the wall, go into the portal, and jump back onto it when it has passed the wall. Remember that you are able to stand in the portal itself, without having the platform below you, so don't jump sooner than you should.


Congratulations, the test is now over. All Aperture technologies remain safely operational up to 4000 degrees kelvin. Rest assured that there is absolutely no chance of a dangerous equipment malfunction prior to your victory candescence. Thank you for participating in this Aperture Science computer aided enrichment activity. Goodbye.


If you weren’t too distracted as you were about to burn, you may have noticed the radio music. Take a look down from the balcony and spot the radio on the right. Grab it with a portal as low as possible. Fling it, or fling with it, over to the next area, then bring it with you the whole way until the room after the fans. The signal is in the center of the side office area.
Setting of portals to get out of the oven.

At this point you find out that the cake is, as prior wall-writings have indicated, a lie (or at least going through the fire is not the way to get it). Common sense should kick in (as well as some suspenseful music) and tell you that you should no longer listen to everything GLaDOS tells you. Therefore, you have to get to the platform above the oven. This is done by creating a portal on the wall behind the platform, and a portal on the wall to your side (slightly below your level, as seen in the image on the left). When this has been done, jump through the portal.

Gamerscore points
You made the correct party escort submission position decision, and chose to escape.
Approximate position of portal, to get away from the platform.

Do not worry about being chased by anything; you do not have to hurry to get out. On the platform, create a portal positioned as high as possible on the wall, and then one accessible to you. Go through the portal, and as you are falling to the ground, create a portal on the spot you will land on. Continue the only way you can into the next room.

Fourth room[edit]

How to get to 2nd floor of the room.

As you try to go up the stairs, these will fall down. Create, instead, a portal on the second level and one on your level, and go through them. Or just jump onto the stairs. Go through the slightly open door by pressing your use button.

Fifth room[edit]

How to get past the door.

The next room appears to be something for turret building or repair. You have to get past a locked grid-door. Do this by creating a portal on the other side of it, and one on the wall, accessible to you.

Sixth room[edit]

How to get past the fan.

Following the hallway, you come to a room with two fans blocking your advance. Create a portal on the other side of one of the fans and one on the floor in front of you. Go through the portal.

How to get across the acid.

The room itself has a floor of acid, which you have to cross by creating a portal on the opposite walkway, and one on your side, as shown on the image.

How to get to the middle walkway.

After this, create a portal in one of the upper corners of the opposite wall (as shown in the image), and one on a nearby wall, in order to jump to the walkway in the middle. You can explore the side office rooms if you wish, as they let you see some of the test chambers from the other side of those mysterious windows, but they do not help with the actual game. After this, go the other direction and into the next room.

Seventh room[edit]

Simply coming into this room, the next step is not obvious, however there’s a little picture in red indicating the portal placement necessary. Maybe the turret X drawer has been here too?

Approximate position of portal.

Get to one of the higher platforms (either will do, not much momentum is needed), by either walking or creating a portal there, and another one accessible to you. Then, create a portal in the upper far right corner of the wall. Let yourself fall, and create a portal on the spot you will land on. This way you will build up enough momentum to cross to the platform opposite to the wall.

What are you doing? You haven't escaped, you know. You're not even going the right way... Hello? Is anyone there?


Follow the hallway to the tube transporting cubes, and enter it.

Test area[edit]

At the end of the tube, you are put into a cube dispenser, from which you enter a very familiar test area. No cube this time, but on the other hand, you have both halves of the portal gun.

Approximate position of portal.

In the test area, stand on the button in the middle of the room, and create a portal behind the door that opens. Then create an accessible portal, and walk through it. When walking farther, you get to the chamber lock, however this is malfunctional, and you have to jump down.

Chamber lock area[edit]

How the portal should look from where you are standing.

Now, create a portal on the underside of the platform on the other side of the grid-wall (as seen in the image), and then one under yourself. Then duck, in order to get into the room.

Uh oh! Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they cut it anyway. There is still some left though, if you hurry back.


The portal seen from the piston.

When you are in the room, go to the two pistons, which raise to two different levels. Go onto the one that raises the highest, and create a portal on the top of the platform you just entered through. Go back under the platform, create a portal there and use it to get on top of the platform.

Portal on the other side of the grating.

Walk onto the cylinder next to the platform, and let it push you to the platform to continue. Walk along the hallway, until you get to a grating. Create a portal on the other side of it, then go back to the platform to create a portal there, and walk through it.

Vent shaft[edit]

Approximate position of the portal.

Create a portal as high as possible, opposite to the walkway leading away from the shaft. Then create one accessible to you. On the other side of the portal you have to jump in order to make it to the other side (the timing here can be rather hard).