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Instead of levels like many other MMOs, this game is more military like and uses the military ranks. You start out as a trainee and as you get EXP, you rank up. Your first rank up gives you 10,000 SP.You gain 20,000 SP when you reach staff sergeant class, and you get another 30,000 SP when you become master sergeant. You also obtain duffel bags that you can open at certain ranks.

If you have holes in your rank, it means that you forfeit or disconnect from games a lot. The more holes you have, the higher the ratio between your forfeits and total games.

Rank Exp Needed
Trainee Start as
Private 3,500
Private First Class 4,056
Corporal 4,667
Sergent 5,339
Staff Sergent 6,078
Staff Sergent Green 6,891
Staff Sergent Blue 7,786
Staff Sergent Red 8,770
Staff Sergent Gold 9,853
Sergent First Class 11,043
Master Sergent 19,040
Second Lieutenant 31,919
First Lieutenant 57,200
Captain 120,111
Major 276,650
Lieutenant Colonel 666,170
Colonel 1,635,421
Brigadier General 2,743,962
Major General 5,392,548
Lieutenant General 7,520,721
General 8,597,470
General of the Army 1,000,000,000