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Star Wars: Empire at War
Box artwork for Star Wars: Empire at War.
Developer(s) Petroglyph Games
Publisher(s) LucasArts
Engine Alamo
Latest version v1.05 (July, 2006)
Release date(s)
Genre(s) RTS
System(s) Windows, Mac OS X
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
System requirements (help)
Windows icon.png
CPU clock speed
1 GHz
System RAM
256 MiB
Disk space
2.5 GiB
Video RAM
32 MiB
Network connection speed
256 Kibps
Optical drive speed
8 x
DirectX version
Version 9
Mac OS icon.png
Mac OS
CPU clock speed
1.83 GHz
System RAM
512 MiB
Disk space
3.5 GiB
Video RAM
64 MiB
Network connection speed
256 Kibps
Expansion pack(s) Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
Series Star Wars
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Star Wars: Empire at War is a real-time strategy game released in February 2006. It focuses on the struggle between the Empire and the Rebels that begins in the time frame between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. It was developed by Petroglyph Games, a company comprising many former members of Westwood Studios (best known for their work on the Command & Conquer series).

Empire at War uses an entirely new engine that Petroglyph developed, known as Alamo. The most recent patch was released on July 20, 2006. In October 2006, an expansion entitled Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption was released.

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