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Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret[edit]

  • Objective: Complete the sandy obstacle course

When you get to this glorious beach, you find there are many Cataquacks (the duck-shaped things)walking around. They won't hurt you for a while, but it is very unpleasant to be thrown in the air, so avoid these. Get near the Dune Bud that was on the introduction clip and spray it until it explodes and a huge sand castle pops out. Go through the archway of the sand castle to be taken to an obstacle course.

The course is a long path made of blocks of sand, which start to dissolve when you step on them - so don't hang around. The dark orange blocks are solid so you can stop on them for a breather. Run all the way to the sand towers at the end and ascend toward the shine, or if you prefer, the 1-up mushroom if you are worried of dying. This is one of the easier courses in the game, so don't worry. Grab the Shine.

Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam![edit]

  • Objective: Remove the cataquacks from the giant mirrors

In the intro to this level you see a lot of little red critters crawling all over some large mirrors. Your job is to go and remove them so the mirrors can go back to doing what they normally do. There are 3 mirrors: one has one monster on it, the next has two and the third mirror has three monsters. To get on to a mirror use the surrounding trees and the near by tower, with the coins on its ledges. When on the mirror, you need to spray the bad guys until they are close to falling of the edge and they go off-balance. Then running to the high side of the mirror and Ground Pound it to flip them high into the air. Once you clear all 3 mirrors of baddies they while re-align and destroy the Wiggler on the tower. A Shine will land on the beach for you to collect.

Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead![edit]

  • Objective: Defeat the Wiggler.


Remember that huge caterpillar you injured in the last episode on the Sand Egg? Well, he's really angry, and stomping all around Gelato Beach. So it's time to take him down. Watch Wiggler's path and make sure you don't get in the way of it. Then find a Dune Bud that's in his path and spray it to create a sand mountain. When Wiggler runs into the sand pile, he'll roll over on to his back. Now look for the a big red arrow over one section of his body, jump on to that section and Ground Pound it. He'll get really mad and start running around even faster and in a different path, but just find a Dune Bud and do the same as before.

When you've stomped on him 3 times, you've beaten him and a Shine will appear on the beach for you to collect.

Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born[edit]

  • Objective: Collect 8 red coins in the Sand Bird mini-level.

The Sand Bird has now hatched and flown away. From the start point go straight forward to the far side of the level until you reach a cliff face. Look along the cliff face for an indent where a Dune Bud is hiding. Spray the Dune Bud to create some sand steps up to the level above. Follow the footpath to the left and up the hill until you reach a little arena where there are two Nokis and two Piantas sitting down, enjoying the view.

Look down the hill and you'll see a muddy trail with coins on it, which conveniently lines up with a huge trampoline and a big crack in the Glow Tower. Can you guess what comes next? Line yourself up with the trampoline and press B button to dive down the hill. When you are near the bottom, jump on to the trampoline and use the hover nozzle to float into the crack in the tower. Once inside the tower you will be transported on to the back of the Sand Bird, high above the island.

Return to the Sand Bird!
Don't bother to collect the blue coins and red coins at the same time on this level. Deal with the red coins first to get the Shine; you can come back at any time for the blue coins.

Please be aware that from here on in, this level is one of the most infuriating and tedious you will ever play in a Mario game! There are seven red coins on the Sand Bird, which you need to collect while it's flying about. You need to be careful of flapping wings/tail, wind and clouds; all these things can send you falling to your doom in the blink of an eye. On top of that there are certain times when the Sand Bird decides to bank hard to the left and is flying pretty much vertical. The only way to survive is to stand on the head or tail where you can easily get on the side when it banks. Also, be careful of the wind while standing on this tiny ledge.

Once you've collected the seven coins on the bird, wait until it approaches the central tower where the final red coin is waiting. When you are within range, run along its wing and jump on to the tower, using the FLUDD to hover if you have to. Grab the final coin followed by the priceless Shine. Then save your game, quick, so you never have to go through that again!

Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint[edit]

  • Objective: Beat Il Piantissimo in a race to the top of the hill.

From the start point, run straight ahead and slightly to the right and you'll see a man in a pink Pianta costume. This is Il Piantissimo. Go over to him and he'll challenge you to a race to the flag (it's where you slid from to get into the Glow Tower in Episode 4). He will tell you that the record is 35 seconds, but even if you do better than that, you still have to beat him. One difference this time is that there is no Dune Bud around to create those handy steps up to the footpath, so just use Wall Kick jumps to get up there. It's not too tricky to beat him as long as you don't make any slip-ups. When you win the race, he'll hand over the Shine.

Episode 6: Red Coins on the Coral Reef[edit]

  • Objective: Collect the 8 red coins

This is a pretty easy one, and it's actually strangely relaxing. From the start point, turn run to your left toward the peninsula. Just the other side of the peninsula you should be able to see a large reef just offshore (it actually looks more like a huge underwater rock). All 8 coins can be found on or around this reef. There are 6 hidden on the reef itself and 2 that are being carried around by small groups of fish. If you have trouble finding the coins, it can help to zoom the camera right out, giving you a wide overhead view of the reef, and if you're still having trouble, change the camera angle a lot. Once you've grabbed all the coins, your Shine will appear.

Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him![edit]

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario

It's just another Shadow Mario chase level. Simple.

Run after him, spray him, collect the Shine. Next!

Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival[edit]

  • Objective: Find a huge melon and win the watermelon festival

Finally, you can get your hands on the Shine Sprite that's been locked up in the smoothie store since before you'd even started your adventurous vacation. The first thing to do here is find the biggest watermelon in the area (it's at the top of the hill where the flag was in the race against "Il Piantissimo"). Climb the hill in the normal way and when you find the giant fruit, push it down the hill. It might get destroyed by the Cataquacks below; if it does, just wait for it to reappear and try again.

The aim now is to roll the watermelon very carefully to the smoothie hut on the pier (as you face out to sea, it's at the right-hand end of the beach). If you bump the melon into any trees, enemies or Piantas then it will explode and you have to start over, so carefully guide it down to the beach, spraying any Cataquacks that get too close. Push the melon along the narrow bridge to the hut making sure it doesn't fall into the sea (as that will cause it to explode, obviously) and when you reach the smoothie hut, you will be awarded first prize in the contest, and a Shine.