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"M" Graffiti (x9)[edit]

Clean M Graffiti for blue coins.

  • On a building by the start: To the left of the starting point is a building with M Graffiti.
  • Above the same building: You can backflip and wall-jump up.
  • In the ship: Just inside the ship in front of the starting point.
  • On the side of the ship: On the same ship as the above.
  • On the dock: On the ground, just past the ship.
  • On a building: Just past the fountain in the upper part of town.
  • On a wall: Above a building in the upper part of town.
  • On one of the metal platforms: On the highest platform used in Episode 8.
  • On a cliff: Nearby the metal platforms used in Episode 8. The Pianta on the platform by the yellow submarine will throw you there if you talk to him.


  • On a Crane: The first crane next to the ship moving the platform, episode 4.
  • Catwalk above Crane: the catwalk almost directly above the first crane.
  • On another catwalk: When standing on the catwalk above the first crane, turn towards the buildings where there's lots of bloopers walking on the catwalks. It's over there next to a blooper.


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  • In a crate: On the dock just past the ship.
  • On the wall: To the left of the crate for the above. Shoot the wall and a shine shape will appear.
  • Underwater: Under the orange platform with an arrow.
  • Above the fountain: In the upper part of town.
  • By the tower: On one of the catwalks by the tower for Episode 4. Use a rocket nozzle to reach it.
  • The submarine: Spray the propeller above it for a blue coin.
  • The spider: Punch the spider on the fence in the ship for a blue coin.
  • Second spider: Have Yoshi eat the spider crawling on the wall in Episode 8.

third spider also on the boats fence it to is there kill all the spiders and 2 spiders have blue coins

  • Above the Water Swim beneath the metal platforms near the red flags. Use rocket nozzle to get it.

List of 30[edit]

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1)M Graffiti near the start of the level. (all episodes)

2)Shoot the wall behind Ricco Tower to uncover a Blue coin. (all episodes)

3)M Graffiti on the hull of the first ship you see at the start of the level. (all episodes)

4)M Graffiti on the roof near the start of the level. (all episodes)

5)M Graffiti on a building (all episodes)

6)Rocket you way on the cliff and shoot the M Graffiti. (all episodes)

7)On a harbor catwalk. (all episodes)

8)On a harbor catwalk (all episodes)

9)In the air beside the harbor catwalk support beam (all episodes)

10)On top of the crane (all episodes)

11)Above the fountain. (all episodes)

12)Underwater beneath the arrow platform.(all episodes)

13)M Graffiti above the buildings. (all episodes)

14)Smash the crate behind the lighthouse. (all episodes)

15)The scaffolding beside Ricco Tower. (all episodes)

16)M Graffiti beneath the goop in front of Ricco Tower (episode 1).

17)M Graffiti on the deck of the first ship you see when you start the level (episode 1).

18)Squirt the wheel with the red sun on it to raise the submarine all the way up out of the water until a blue coin pops out (episode 1).

19)Above the water, using the Rocket Nozzle. (episodes 2 to 8)

20)In front of the Blooper Surfing entrance, using the Blooper or the Rocket Nozzle. (episodes 2 and 3)

21)Use the Rocket Nozzle on top of Ricco Tower (episodes 3 to 8)

22)M Graffiti on the platform using Cheep-Cheeps (with Yoshi) or Rocket Nozzle. (episodes 3 to 8)

23)Defeat the spider on the ship using Ground Pound (episodes 3 to 8).

24)Defeat the spider on the ship (episodes 3 to 8)

25)Defeat the Blooper in the giant yellow cage (where the Shine was in episode 3) (episodes 5 to 8)

26)The two corresponding X's. You need the Turbo Nozzle! (episodes 6 to 8)

27)Same as above (episodes 6 to 8).

28)Shoot the basket of fish where the Piantas are partying (episodes 6 to 8)

29)Eat the blue butterflies with Yoshi (episode 8)

30)Eat the spider on the wall near Ricco Tower with Yoshi (episode 8)