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Episode 1: The Manta Storm[edit]

  • Objective: Defeat the Manta. It splits into parts every time you kill it.

Go to where the hotel should be — it's easy to find, it's a square of blue/yellow goop. Don't step on it or you'll get electrocuted. Clear some of it out before talking to the Mayor. There are also three easy 1-ups in this level you may want to get. On the left side of the area are three crates — the middle one holds one. The other two can be found by freeing the two Nokis on the right of the area. They're currently buried in electric goop. Clean them off for a 1-up (or a blue coin if this is the first time).

Once you're done clearing out most the goop and getting 1-ups, talk to the manager. He's the man standing in front of the main square, where the hotel should be. He'll tell you that a manta-shaped silhouette appeared, covered the beach in electric goop, and destroyed his hotel. Then, he'll be interrupted by its return. (What a coincidence. It must be sensitive at being called "horrible".) To fight it, spray it with water. After you hit it with enough water, it'll split in two and keep going. The smallest sized mantas will run from you instead of chancing you. Each manta leaves a trail of electric goop — again, don't step on it. They can't leave any on water or on treetops, though. Two useful techniques here are hovering and spin-squirting. The mantas cannot reach Mario under the cabana roofs, so this is the perfect place to shoot water at them with impunity.

Once you reduce all of them to the smallest possible size, they'll all turn hot pink and attack you. When you shoot these, they won't split — they'll disappear into thin air. To keep them from surrounding you, you may want to find a wall. The spin-squirt is very effective here, but the easiest thing to do is run towards the beach and run up and down the beach, constantly spraying everything nearby. Once they're all gone, a cutscene will show the hotel reappearing. The shine is above the small middle fountain.

Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret[edit]

  • Objective: spray the pink ghosts to make stairs to the top floor appear.

Enter the portal in the boo statue's mouth and complete the following puzzle. Remember: Shadow Mario has taken FLUDD so you can't use the hover nozzle. If you use the ground-pound/box-breaker move on the last section of square watermelons you get a 1-up mushroom. Also, there is a 1-up mushroom in the brick just before the first watermelon of the level. This level leaves no room for error when you reach the sand blocks, so be very careful.

Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino[edit]

  • Objective:Discover the mystery of the hotel.

First you have to go up and talk to the hotel guy. Once inside go to the bathroom on the left. You'll see a water dripping, jump up in the corner with the water. Now you're in a room, you can jump on the bed into the pool room (but don't need to do that yet) or shoot the picture with water until a ghost picture shows up. Now you can jump through it. When you jump through you're in another room; you can kill the ghosts in there, then spray the closet doors to get a ghostly outline. Once you do that, walk through and you're in another room. There is an opening in the ceiling of this room. To go through it you'll need to spray one of the pink ghosts to turn it into a block, hop on the block, and through the opening in the ceiling. In the next room there's a person and a shelf. Shoot the shelf for a secret door to appear. Now you're in a room with a guy: you can shoot the poster he has up for it to open up, when you go through you'll find a blue coin. Go back into the room with the guy then look at the ground and find the floor you can jump through (might have to do a butt slam). Now there're boxes: break them open until you find a pineapple. Pick it up and take it to the first floor for Yoshi to have.

Now you have Yoshi. Now go up the stairs, while riding Yoshi, to the third floor. One of the rooms have no doors, go into it and there are two people sitting there. Jump on the bed and go through the open part on the ceiling. There's a guy sweeping and a lot of sleeping ghosts. Use Yoshi to kill the ghosts by licking them. Go around and do that until you come to an end. There should be the floor you can jump through, don't go to the middle one. Butt slam on it and you fall into the pool area. The shine sprite is all yours.

Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino[edit]

  • Objective: Play some slots and finish the level in an obstacle course.

Talk to the hotel manager and go inside. To the left, right before the bathrooms, there will be another room behind the glass wall. Talk to the Pianta to go inside. Go to the massive slot games and spray them until you get 3 Sevens. The ones on the left are broken meaning you can spray only one wheel and stop it by ending the spray. The ones on the right will require a single spray to spin, later stopping on luck. When both of slots yield all Sevens, go to the "?" tiles in the back of the casino (this was previously covered by a curtain). Spray the tiles until a picture of a Shine Sprite is revealed, causing a pipe to open up. The secret level here is fairly easy.

Episode 5: King Boo Down Below[edit]

  • Objective: Defeat King Boo

Talk to the Mayor and he'll mention strange noises have been heard in the casino. Enter the casino, and you'll see a purple space on the roulette wheel. Ground Pound it, and get ready for a boss battle.

You'll fight King Boo. He will spit up Boos to attack you. Spray him, and he'll spin the slots below him. There are several outcomes:

  • Fruit: Fruit appears. Look for a chili pepper and chuck it into King Boo's mouth, then hit him with a different fruit to damage him.
  • ?: Different enemies appear. Be careful.
  • Coins: Coins appear. Handy to help restore life.
  • Strollin' Stu/Smolderin' Stu: Strollin' Stus appear in great numbers. Watch out, because Smolderin' Stus also appear. Douse them quickly.
  • No Luck: Bubbles appear when the slots don't match. Pop them to get bottles to refill FLUDD's tank. However, the bubbles can hurt you.

If you can hit King Boo with three fruits, he'll be defeated. Then, claim your Shine Sprite.

Episode 6: Scrubbin' Sirena Beach[edit]

  • Objective: Clean up Sirena Beach

The electric goop is back! Get it cleaned up in three minutes! Use the spray nozzle for most of it (the Hover Nozzle is much slower), but you can throw the barrels to get a large areas. It may also help to hold down R button and tap A button to produce a wide spray of water. Don't worry about getting every little drip; it's enough to get the larger patches. When you're done, talk to the manager again to collect your Shine.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In[edit]

  • Objective: Chase down Shadow Mario

Shadow Mario is causing trouble in Hotel Delfino! Squirt him before he gets away. Watch out for the Boos, because they disguise themselves as Shadow Mario. The only difference is that the boos are a slightly lighter colour.

Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel[edit]

  • Objective: Find the Red Coins

Hit the red switch in the hotel. You have five minutes to find all the Red Coins.