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Theme Dungeons

Content Korea Japan China Taiwan S.E.A Global Europe
MS Mushroom Castle icon.png
Mushroom Castle
Levels 30+
MS Fairy Academy Icon.png
Ellinel Fairy Academy
Levels 30+
Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Soon
MS Taipei 101 Icon.png
Kerning Square
Star Maker / Blake's Fan & Dilema[1]
Levels 35+
Yes Yes[2] Yes[3] Yes[3] Yes Yes Yes
MS Goldrich Icon.png
Gold Beach
Levels 40+
MS Chryse Icon.png
Floating Island of Chryse
Levels 50+
MS Riena Strait Icon.png
Riena Strait
Levels 50+
Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Soon
MS Veracent Icon.png
Veracent Castle
Levels 65+[4]
No No Yes No Event only No Revamped to 100+MS Maple Leaf Icon.png
MS Mushroom Shrine Icon.png
Sakura Castle
Levels 70+
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS Ellin Forest Icon.png
Ellin Forest [5]
Levels 95+
MS Grand Athenaeum Icon.png
Grand Athenaeum [6]
Levels 100+
Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
MS LionCastle Icon.png
The Lion King's Castle [7]
Levels 110+
MS LionCastle Icon.png
The Lion King's Rose Garden [8]
Levels 110+
Yes No No No No No No
MS Golden Temple Icon.png
Golden Temple[9]
Levels 115+
Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS fantasticpark icon.png
Fantasy Theme World [10]
Levels 120+
MS Neo TokyoK Icon.png
Neo City
Levels 125+
Yes No[11] No[11] Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS Crimsonwood Keep Icon.png
Crimsonheart Castle [12]
Levels 130+
MS Colossus the Giant Icon.png
Stone Colossus[13]
Levels 150+
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS Twisted Aqua Road Icon.png
Twisted Aqua Road[14]
Levels 200+
No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Template to display version differences for available theme dungeons.


  1. There is a change of storyline where Blake is now a successful star and you will help his #1 fan and Blake himself.
  2. The storyline is different from other versions where instead of helping Blake or his fan, you will help a couple in their wedding preparations
  3. 3.0 3.1 This version has both the original storyline and the new storyline; the new one has stronger monsters.
  4. Accessible through Dimensional Mirror. Involves a variety range of quests among NPCs in it.
  5. A theme dungeon based on Victoria Island's past.
  6. A new theme dungeon where you enter storybooks of Maple's lore, and work your way through them while becoming the main character.
  7. The Lion King's Castle was not changed to a Theme Dungeon until Advance of the Union patch.
  8. An expansion to the storyline with Ifia and Von Leon, located past the Fifth Tower in Lion King's Castle.
  9. Golden Temple Adjusting Korean Maple Story has turned the Golden Temple into a theme dungeon for levels 115+, and removed the old Golden Temple maps.
  10. A theme dungeon that uses monsters and areas from Fantasy Theme Park in Malaysia maps. It is set in Ludibrium.
  11. 11.0 11.1 This version has Neo Tokyo.
  12. A theme dungeon that uses monsters and areas from Crimsonwood Keep, located on the continent Tynerum. There is a party quest in the area too.
  13. A new theme dungeon found in Leafre involving Guwaru.
  14. A new theme dungeon accessed from the Dimensional Mirror that's basically a reskinned Aqua Road, which various non-Aqua Road monsters.