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Temple Run
Box artwork for Temple Run.
Developer(s) Imangi Studios
Publisher(s) Imangi Studios
Designer(s) Keith Shepherd, Natalia Luckyanova
IOS icon.png
Temple Run Engine
Android icon.png
Latest version
IOS icon.png
Android icon.png
Release date(s)
IOS icon.png
Globe.svg August 42011 (Free)
Globe.svg June 142012 (Brave)
Android icon.png
Globe.svg March 272012 (Free)
Globe.svg June 252012 (Brave)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) iOS, Android
Mode(s) Single player
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
Apple: 9+
Google: Low maturity
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Temple Run, as well as its variant Temple Run: Brave, is an endless action game developed by the Washington, D.C.-based Imangi Studios. The game revolves around several curious explorers attempting to steal an idol from a temple and being chased by "demonic monkeys". The player controls the explorers with a few simple touchscreen gestures and device tilting and aims to run as far as possible without dying. It is currently available for iOS systems, including the iPhone and the iPad, and the Android platform.


Temple Run centers around a group of wandering explorers, where one of the characters, whom you control, steals an idol from an ancient temple. You control the character's movements after they have stolen the idol. Immediately upon acquiring the idol, you are pursued by a group of malignant demonic monkeys who chase you out of the temple, thus initiating a "temple run".

There is no finish line nor are there levels; the object of the game is to run as far as possible by avoiding obstacles that require you to either jump, duck, or turn in a precise manner. While running you can also collect coins and powerups. You die from being caught by the monkeys that are chasing you, but there are numerous ways that can happen. Running into most obstacles will stop you completely, allowing the monkeys to catch you. Some obstacles will just make you stumble, which allows the monkeys to get close to you, but not catch you. If you run well, you will get back ahead of the monkeys, however if you stumble again while the monkeys are right behind you, they will catch you. You will also be caught by failing to turn with the path, falling of the path or making a turn in a direction that the path breaks.


The game is controlled by touch motions on the screen and by tilting the device.

  • Jump: Swipe upward
  • Slide: Swipe downward
  • Turn left or right: Swipe left or right
  • Move to left or right side of path: Tilt left or right
  • Activate Resurrect utility: Double-tap screen


The camera is behind your character, who appears to be running away from you down the path during the game. The path takes up the majority of the screen, showing a limited amount of the path ahead so you can make decisions on avoiding obstacles and choosing which direction to turn. In the upper left hand corner is your bonus meter, which fills up and gives you a point bonus for every 100 coins you collect.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen are two counters and your Resurrect display. The top counter is your score and the one right below it is your coins. If you have a Resurrect utility, a pair of wings will display below the coin counter letting you know you can use them. The wings disappear when you use them, but will come back after 1,000 meters if you have more in your stock.

The last display item is in the lower right hand corner below the golden. You can use this pause button to pause the game. When you come back from a pause or back from leaving the game while in the middle of a run, you will start where you left off after a 3-2-1 countdown.


As you run different obstacles will be in your way, forcing you to move your character to avoid them. Some obstacles have multiple options for avoiding them, and the tutorial may only show you one way.

Obstacle How to Avoid Cause of Stumbling Cause of Death
Gaps Jump Landing near the edge Falling into it
Landing near the edge while stumbling
Large tree roots Jump N/A Running into it
Small tree roots Jump or run either side unoccupied by root Running into it Running into while stumbling
Tree trunks Slide N/A Running into it
Stone gates Jump or slide N/A Running into it
Flamethrowers Jump or slide N/A Running into it
Path sides Keep running Swiping left or right Swiping left or right while stumbling


There are three types of terrain you will be running on and not every terrain has every type of obstacle.

Type Level Characteristics
Brick path Middle
  • It is the starting area for the runner
  • The path contains every type of obstacle except for stone gates, tree trunks are relatively uncommon, and small and large tree roots are very common
  • The path may have the sides crumbled away; they can be evaded by jumping or running on the good side
  • The path may give long straightaways instead of a long series of quick turns
Wooden path Low
  • The runner be safely dropped down to this path, but it trickier to come back up to a different terrain
  • The path contains every type of obstacle except for tree trunks
  • The path may give a long series of quick turns instead of long straightaways
Stone path High
  • Running to either side too far of the narrow path may result in death
  • The path contains only gaps and tree trunks as obstacles
  • The path may give a long series of quick turns instead of long straightaways


The object is to survive, while also getting the most points and coins possible. The longer you survive, the more points you acquire, and your score can be used to unlock objectives. Your score is determined by the points you earn and your multiplier. You earn points by running farther and collecting coins and powerups.

You get:

  • 1 point per meter
  • 5 points per coin
  • 25 points per powerup

Coins come in yellow, red and blue, worth 1, 2 and 3 points respectively. Coins appear in lines along the path in the center or to one of the sides and each line usually contains 25 coins if not broken by a turn in the path or an obstacle. The red and blue coins will start appearing the farther you run and are evenly interspersed into the coin lines. When you get to the reds, they replace ten of the normal coins and when you get to the blues, they replace another ten of the yellow ones.

You also earn points by filling up the bonus meter in the upper left corner each time you collect 100 coins. The circle at the top of the meter starts out empty, and every time you fill the meter a piece is added until all three pieces are in place. The first piece is worth is 100 points, the second is worth 250 points and the last is worth 500 points. Every time you fill the meter when the circle is full, you will get an additional 500 points. Stumbling or resurrecting will cause the bonus meter to reset, in which case you must earn all three pieces again.

Finally, your multiplier is applied to every point you earn. You start the game with a 10× multiplier and each objective you earn increases your multiplier by 1, so you can have a maximum multiplier of 67× after completing all the objectives.

In addition, you can boost your coins earned (and thereby your score) with the Coin Magnet powerup, which allows you to collect more coins and multiplies their value by 2× or 3× depending on how much you upgrade it. To score well, try to complete as many of the objectives as possible as early as possible, as they have the biggest impact on your score. After that, the Coin Magnet and Coin Value powerups will help the most, as will buying a lot of Resurrect utilities to keep your run going.


Coins collected in the game can be used to purchase items in the store. These can help you prolong your run, collect more coins or let you make cosmetic changes. It is also possible to buy coins with real money through the store.


Powerups are one time purchases that permanently change effects in runs. Each powerup has six upgrade levels except for the Coin Value powerup.

Name Level Cost Effect
Mega Coin:
Bonus coins
1 500 50 coin bonus
2 1,000 75 coin bonus
3 2,500 100 coin bonus
4 5,000 125 coin bonus
5 7,500 150 coin bonus
6 25,000 Ability to disable the powerup
Coin Magnet:
Coins drawn to you
1 500 N/A
2 1,000 Increase duration
3 2,500 2× coin worth
4 5,000 Increase duration
5 7,500 3× coin worth
6 25,000 Ability to disable the powerup
Run through obstacles, over gaps
1 500 N/A
2 1,000 Increase duration
3 2,500 Increase duration
4 5,000 Increase duration
5 7,500 Lasts 30 seconds
6 25,000 Ability to disable the powerup
Move forward a certain distance
1 500 Boost 250 meters
2 1,000 Boost 375 meters
3 2,500 Boost 500 meters
4 5,000 Boost 625 meters
5 7,500 Boost 750 meters
6 25,000 Ability to disable the powerup
Coin Value:
Adds double worth coins (blue) and triple worth coins (red)
1 500 Double coins after 1,500 meters
2 1,000 Double coins after 1,000 meters
3 2,500 Triple coins after 3,000 meters
4 5,000 Triple coins after 2,500 meters
5 7,500 Triple coins after 2,000 meters


Unlike powerups, utilities are consumable items and you can stock up on them as long as you have the coin to do so.

Utility Cost Effect Use
Resurrect 500 Come back to life after dying Double-tap screen when available
Boost 2,500 Boost ahead 1,000 meters from start Tap button at start of run
Mega Boost 10,000 Boost ahead 2,500 meters from start Tap button at start of run


The different characters just change the appearance and sound of the runner, but all have the same abilities.

Character Cost
Guy Dangerous N/A
Scarlett Fox 10,000
Barry Bones 10,000
Karma Lee 25,000
Montana Smith 25,000
Francisco Montoya 25,000
Zach Wonder 25,000


Wallpapers can be downloaded and used as backgrounds on your phone or device.

Wallpaper Cost
Temple Wall 5,000
Guy Dangerous 5,000
Evil Demon Monkeys 5,000


Objectives are unlocked by performing certain actions during a run or by buying things in the store. Each objective you unlock adds to your score multiplier, making higher scores more easily attained the more objectives you earn. Objectives are unlocked at the runs, so even the store purchase objectives require you to at least complete one more run to obtain. At the end of runs you will be notified of any objectives you have obtained along with an update to your score multiplier and a notice of the next unobtained objective in the list.

Objective Description
Novice Runner Ran 500 meters
Pocket Change Collected 100 coins
Adventurer Scored 25,000 points
Sprinter Ran 1,000 meters
Mister Run 500m collecting no coins
Piggy Bank Collected 250 coins
Treasure Hunter Scored 50,000 points
Mega Bonus Fill the bonus meter 4×
Athlete Run 2,500 meters
Lump Sum Collect 500 coins
Resurrection Resurrect after dying (requires store purchase)
Basic Powers All Level 1 Powerups
High Roller Score 100,000 points
Payday Collect 750 coins
Head Start Use a Head Start (requires store purchase)
Steady Feet Run 2,500m without tripping
Allergic to Gold 1,000m collecting no coins
5K runner Run 5,000 meters
No.Trip.Runner Run 5,000m without tripping
1/4 Million Club Score 250,000 points
Double Resurrection Resurrect twice in one run (requires store purchase)
Money Bags Collect 1,000 coins
1/2 Million Club Score 500,000 points
Super Powers All Level 5 Powerups
Dynamic Duo Unlock Two Characters
Million Club Score 1,000,000 points
Money Bin Collect 2,500 coins
Fantastic Four Unlock Four Characters
Sexy Six Unlock 6 characters
Interior Decorator Unlock 3 wallpapers
10K Runner Run 10,000 meters
Fort Knox Collect 5,000 coins
2.5 Million Club Score 2,500,000 points
5 Million Club Score 5,000,000 points
The Spartan 1 million without powerups (also cannot use utilities)
10 Million Club Score 10,000,000 points

Cheats and glitches[edit]

  • Cheat codes: For iOS versions of the game before version 1.4, you can use the keyboard at the title screen. Since the 1.4 update, that feature has been disabled on all but jailbroken phones and the iPad Touch. "samhines86" unlocks permanent invincibility and "rxh7nigh" unlocks the characters.
  • Infinite run: During the tutorial (turn tutorial to on in options), quickly swipe multiple times during a turn and the camera will flip around and you'll be on an infinite straightaway with no turns or obstacles. You score will continue to go up and you can collect coins through the Mega Coin powerup, but you can't keep either because the tutorial starts over if you kill yourself by running into the wall.

Temple Run: Brave[edit]

In June 2012, it was announced that Imangi Studios had tied up with Disney to promote the movie Brave with a game titled Temple Run: Brave that released on June 14 for the iOS and on June 25 for Android. Unlike the original free game, it costs 99 cents to purchase.

Temple Run: Brave is set in the forests and wild of Scotland, with the default and only character, Merida. Like the original Temple Run game, Temple Run: Brave has its own store, but different. In the Store one can buy the same boosts in the original Temple Run, and the player can upgrade them afterward, like Invisibility, Mega Coins, Coin Magnet, Double Value, and other utilities. The player can also buy gowns, dresses and armor for Merida to wear during the run, or some new wallpapers. As the original game, Temple Run: Brave's objective is to keep on running and avoiding the dangers along the way for the longest time, while being chased by a wild animal.

The all new feature for Temple Run: Brave is archery. Along the way on one's run, an archery symbol will appear and some dots above it, acting as a signal that there will be bullseyes to shoot at. The dots are the number of targets in this area. On the left and right hand sides, the player will then find archery targets; by just touching the screen, an arrow will be shot accurately on the upcoming target. When the player finishes hitting all targets in the area, they will take a coin bonus, and will have to wait for another area with archery targets.