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It is said that a mysterious gold-cloaked sage resides somewhere in Holodrum, and has made the monsters appear. He eagerly awaits a person worthy of his treasure, and knows when each of his monsters have been slain. If you feel up to his challenge, then it's time to hunt the Golden Beasts!

Golden Beast #1: Golden Darknut[edit]


  • Obtain the Power of Spring
This is one of the Golden Monsters.
Keep slashing it whenever it comes after you.

This monster can be found east of the Heroes Cave(You must have the pirate ship "parked" in between the two bridge parts to be able to get to the stump).

Golden Beast #2: Golden Octorok[edit]


  • Obtain the Power of Summer
This Octorok is more aggressive. Try to surprise it!
Keep it away from the holes!

Enter the far southwestern corner of Spool Swamp to find another Golden Beast, the Golden Octorok, an Octorok that shoots chunks of pure gold. This one will be rather tricky to defeat, because you can't knock it down a hole. Instead, you must tackle it the hard way with your sword. When it's gone, that's two down!

Golden Beast #3: Golden Moblin[edit]


  • Obtain the Power of Fall
Wow! That's no ordinary Moblin!
Using the boomerang makes the Golden Moblin is rather easy to defeat.

Head back over to the entrance of Snakes Remains and make it fall(You must enter Snakes Remains to make it fall). You'll find a Moblin has appeared, except he's gold! He is one of the four Golden Beasts.

It will take a lot of sword strikes to defeat him. When you do, he will disappear for good. Now, for the next one!

Golden Beast #4: Golden Lynel[edit]


  • Obtain the Power of Winter
This a very aggressive Lynel, so be aggressive as well.
Watch out for it's dash attack

Can be found in Tarm Ruins during Winter. as with the rest (aside from the darknut) using the boomerang will make this a relatively easy battle.

After you've killed all four of the Golden Beasts, head back to the sage to collect your reward, the Red Ring, a ring that doubles sword damage without increasing the enemy's health.