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In Ocarina of Time, Heart Containers represent Link's health and life energy. The maximum number of Heart Containers that Link can have is twenty: he begins with three, and collects eight more after completing each of the eight dungeons in the game. The remaining nine are earned by collecting the 36 Heart Pieces hidden throughout the game. For each four Heart Pieces Link collects, another Heart Container will be added to his health.

The 36 Heart Pieces can be found in the following locations:

The Lost Woods[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
1 Lost Woods Child Play Saria's Song to the Skull Kid to the left of the entrance, and he will give you a Heart Piece.
2 Lost Woods Child Win the Skull Kids' memory game three times in the grotto to the right of the entrance to earn a Heart Piece and a handful of rupees. See the minigame section for further details.

Lon Lon Ranch[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
3 Lon Lon Ranch Child There is a door on the south-west edge of Lon Lon Ranch. Inside, push the blocks to reveal a crawlspace in the corner. At the end of the crawlspace is the Heart Piece.

Hyrule Field[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
4 Hyrule Field Either At the fenced in area by the entrance to Lake Hylia, bomb the ground in the center to reveal a hole. Inside, a Business Scrub will sell you a Heart Piece for 10 rupees.
5 Hyrule Field Adult Place a bomb next to the tree in the northwest of Hyrule Field before the small river (not the one directly in front of the river, but a bit further back) to open a hidden hole. Inside the hole is a deep pool of water. The piece of heart is at the bottom requiring either the Iron Boots or Golden Scale to acquire.

Hyrule Castle Town[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
6 Hyrule Castle Town Child A lady in a house in the alley has lost her white dog. Look for a white dog in the corner of the main part of the town, near the bazaar, and give it a friendly nudge. It will now follow you. Return the dog to her for a Heart Piece. This must be done at night.
7 Hyrule Castle Town Child Complete the Treasure Chest game for a Heart Piece. See the minigame section for further details.
8 Hyrule Castle Town Child A random prize in the Bombchu Bowling Game is a Heart Piece. See the minigame section for further details.

Kakariko Village[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
9 Kakariko Village Either Collect 50 Gold Skulltula tokens for a Heart Piece.
10 Kakariko Village Either This Heart Piece is in the windmill. To get it as an adult, complete Dampé's race and you will emerge in the windmill, opposite the Heart Piece. Alternatively you can grab this as a child using the boomerang.
11 Kakariko Village Either There is a lonely man sitting on the roof of the purple-roofed building. Use the Longshot to access the roof and talk to him to receive a Heart Piece. If all you have is the hookshot, enter the potion shop and pass through to the back. Then stand on the corner farthest from the door. You should just be in range of the purple roof. Hookshot to the bottom edge of this roof. Alternatively, a precision side jump at just the right angle will cause Link to grab hold of the fence near the blue roof house as though he is about to fall off. Climb onto the fence and walk the top of it to the roof. Or as a child, jump sideways on the tower in the village and get on the fence beside the house. It may take a few tries but it can be done.
12 Kakariko Graveyard Child A Heart Piece is one of the random prizes in Dampé's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. See the minigame section for further details.
13 Kakariko Graveyard Either On the top row of graves, 4th in on the right is a grave that can be moved to expose an entrance. Inside is a Re-dead. Play the Sun's Song to reveal a chest containing a Heart Piece while on the platform with the Re-dead and freeze the Re-dead. Either kill the Re-dead or steal the loot and run.
14 Kakariko Graveyard Adult If you have longshot then you go to the second closest grave and stand on it, then shoot on the crate. Or else as a child, plant a magic bean in the soft soil near a ledge. Return as an adult, ride the platform, and break the crate for a Heart Piece.
15 Kakariko Graveyard Adult Race Dampé again and finish in one minute or less. See the minigame section for further details.
16 Kakariko Village Either As an adult: after you have collected the heart piece from the man on the roof (Heart Piece #11), jump off the roof and walk onto the porch of the Windmill Building. Then, climb the "fence". With your hookshot or longshot, shoot at the building on the left of the purple-roofed building (with the blue roof). Then shoot the hookshot at the top of the shade of the Cucco pen (right next to the Cucco lady's house). Then enter the hole in the building. Finally, collect the heart piece next to the cow.

Alternative method as an adult: Go to Impa's house and stand in front of the two crates out front, as close to the edge as you can get. Hookshot to the roof of the Skulltula House. Then get as close to the left corner as you can get (almost falling off). You should just barely be able to hookshot to the roof of Impa's house. Go to the side where the Cucco pen is and drop down onto the shade. Enter the hole from there. (While inside keep in mind you can get milk from that cow by playing Epona's Song.)

As a child, you have three options: 1: The easiest method involves you riding the owl from the summit of Death Mountain to the rooftop of Impa's house in Kakariko Village. Go left and drop from the roof to a small platform above the Cucco pen, from which you can enter the house and claim the Heart Piece.

2: Grab a Cucco and go to the construction yard. Throw the Cucco onto the unfinished walls of the yard in the following order: lower east, lower north, and finally upper east. Then jump from the upper east ledge and throw the Cucco at the last second before the platform. You should land on it and be able to enter.

3: You can acquire the heart piece by getting a cucco and throwing it up the brick wall where the working is walking on the beams. Once the cucco is on top of the bricks, walk towards the beam to land on it and timing is key or the worker will cut you off. Once you get to the end of it, go towards the ledge above the cuccos nest and collect the heart piece.

Death Mountain[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
17 Death Mountain Trail Either As a child, plant a magic bean in the soil just outside the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. Ride the platform up above the entrance to the Heart Piece. Alternatively, backflip over the fence near the Bomb Flower to land on the ledge--you have to backflip into the corner toward the Heart piece. You could also equip the hover boots and hover off the ledge right of the bomb flower. You'll take damage but it will heal once you got the heart piece.
18 Goron City Child After opening Darunia's house, light the four torches around the pot at the bottom of Goron City. From the second level, throw a Bomb Flower into the top of the spinning pot to stop it. It will stop showing one of three faces, depending on what time you threw the bomb flower in. Alternatively you can wait until after you get bombs from dodongo's cavern and use them instead. If the pot stops on 'happy', a Heart Piece will fly out.
19 Death Mountain Crater Adult As a child, warp in using the Bolero of Fire and plant a magic bean in the nearby soil. Ride the platform as an adult until it reaches the Heart Piece in the smoke.
20 Death Mountain Crater Either Either ride the bean platform or climb down the wall to the Heart Piece.

Zora's River[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
21 Zora's River Either Pick up the Cucco at the Hyrule Field end and go to the small rise near the Water Tektites. Jump off it and float towards the platform with the Heart Piece. Alternatively, plant a magic bean in the soft soil next to the Bean Seller as a child. Return as an adult, ride the platform, and jump off at the right moment to obtain the Heart Piece. As an another alternative, you can just aim your boomerang and it will come to you.
22 Zora's River Either Pick up the Cucco at the Hyrule Field end and carry it all the way to the waterfall. You will occasionally have to throw it onto a platform in order to climb up, and be sure not to throw the Cucco in the water. Once you have reached the waterfall, float over to the Heart Piece on the separated platform. This also works with the hover boots you get in Shadow temple. Alternatively once you have the boomerang, aim at the heart container and it will come to you, which is the easier way to get it.
23 Zora's River Child Play the Song of Storms to the frogs on the log near the Water Tektites, and they'll give you a Heart Piece.
24 Zora's River Child Complete the bug-catching game with the musical frogs to earn a Heart Piece. See the minigame section for further details.
25 Zora's Domain Child Successfully light the torches near and behind the waterfall to make a chest appear which contains the Heart Piece. You can get a Deku Stick and run the flame from the throne room to the bottom of the stairs, then to just outside the shop, then to the torch in the water, and then behind the waterfall (without falling in the water). Alternatively, you can use Din's Fire behind the waterfall, then run a flame from behind the waterfall to the torch in the water, and then to outside the shop. Or do this in reverse order using Din's Fire on the torch outside the shop.

Lake Hylia[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
26 Lake Hylia Child Catch a nine-pound fish in the Fishing Pond as a child. See the minigame section for further details.
27 Lake Hylia Either Dive to the bottom of the pool in the laboratory, then talk to the professor for a Heart Piece. This requires the Golden Scale, and will not work if you try using the Iron Boots.
28 Lake Hylia Adult As a child, plant a magic bean in the soil outside the laboratory. Return as an adult and ride the platform up to the roof, and climb the observatory to find this Heart Piece. An alternative to this method would be to teach the scarecrow in the garden a song (as a child). This becomes the "Scarecrow's Song" (by making the song a simple repetition of two notes is best, nothing fancy or it will be hard to remember and play). As an adult, stand next to the laboratory and play the Scarecrow's Song to make a scarecrow appear on the roof. You can then use the hookshot or long shot on him to pull yourself onto the roof and climb the ladder to the Heart Piece.

Zora's Fountain[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
29 Zora's Fountain Adult On the farthest ice platform. You must jump onto several spinning ice platforms to reach it.
30 Zora's Fountain Adult Once you've found the Iron Boots, sink to the bottom of the lake to find a Heart Piece.
31 Ice Cavern Adult One of the side rooms has a blue fire fountain next to a block of red ice. Melt the ice for a heart piece. In Master Quest, this Heart Piece is located in the room holding the compass. There is a switch buried under the ice in the center of the room. Use a bomb to activate the switch, removing the block that was covering the Heart Piece.

Gerudo Valley[edit]

Heart Piece # Location Age Notes
32 Gerudo Valley Either As a child, plant a magic bean in the soil on the stone platform along the cliff (you may need a Cucco to reach it). Ride the platform as an adult and jump through the waterfall to this Heart Piece or put on your Iron Boots and walk under the water up the river to find a ladder, or as child, grab the Cucco and jump off the cliff and head to the waterfall. Slowly lower into the middle of the waterfall and glide into the alcove. As a child, you can also grab the Cucco and glide down to the ledge where the Gerudo is with her cow. Now walk to the edge closest to the waterfall and jump into the water. Swim toward to waterfall and you will eventually swim behind the waterfall. There is a ladder that goes straight up to the heart piece.
33 Gerudo Valley Either Along the cliff face is a crate containing a Heart Piece. Fall onto a ledge on the Hyrule Field side of the cliff, and use the Longshot to pull yourself to the crate. Alternatively as a child, you can grab the Cucco and glide towards the crate to reach it.
34 Gerudo Fortress Adult On the roof of the middle building is a chest containing a Heart Piece. Use the Longshot to reach it. Alternatively, you can summon Pierre using the Scarecrow's Song and reach the platform using the Hookshot.
35 Gerudo Fortress Adult The prize for scoring at least 1000 points in the Horseback Archery game is a Heart Piece. See the minigame section for further details.
36 Desert Colossus Adult As a child, warp here using the Requiem of Spirit and plant a magic bean in the soil here. Return as an adult and ride the platform to the nearby Heart Piece.