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Ultima VI: The False Prophet
Box artwork for Ultima VI: The False Prophet.
Developer(s) Origin Systems
Publisher(s) Origin Systems
Release date(s)
Genre(s) RPG
System(s) MS-DOS, FM Towns, SNES, Sharp X68000, Commodore 64/128, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, NEC PC-9801
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Preceded by Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Followed by Ultima VII: The Black Gate
Series Ultima
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Twitch Ultima VI: The False Prophet Channel

Ultima VI: The False Prophet was the first Ultima game to be developed primarily for MS-DOS (previous games were developed for other systems and later ported to it). It takes full advantage of the hardware with 256-color VGA graphics and the first use of the series' unusual perspective.

A somewhat different Super Nintendo version was produced, called simply Ultima: The False Prophet. There were many changes but on the whole it is still the same game, unlike Ultima VII: The Black Gate.

In 1991 Fujitsu Japan released a version of Ultima VI for the Japan-only FM Towns, what was at the time a considerably advanced PC. It was Origin's first CD-ROM game, and features fully digitized speech for all characters—in English!—many of which are voiced by their real-world namesakes (Richard Garriott voices Lord British, and so forth). Nuvie now supports these voiceovers, but it still requires the MS-DOS version as the base.

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