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Dribble & Spitz are doing their jobs as taxi drivers. Their next passenger, who has the same name and gender as you, yes you, requests to go to the ocean. Why not you take the wheel? Dribble & Spitz need to go through enough miles to reach the destination. Just try not to run out of gas.


  • Name: Dribble & Spitz
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Games per boss: 25
  • Score screen: The Drivers view of the taxi
  • Lives: Hanging Spitz Decorations
  • Note: There's 25 games, including boss, in this game, but just because 224 games to get to the boss doesn't mean you can get them all at once. There's also Introduction games here, so you still have to replay the stage to get them all.

Alien Ambush[edit]

  • Hint: Trap!
  • Points to clear: 15
  • Description: An alien is out for a walk, and I don't like its looks! Catch it in your trap!
  • Controls: A button Drop Trap
  • Strategy: Wait for the alien to get into the trap. One it's under, drop the trap to trap it.
  • Level 1: The alien goes by with any tricks.
  • Level 2: The alien stop for a bit and moves on.
  • Level 3: The alien stops curls up to a ball and rolls past really quickly. Drop the trap as he starts speeding.

Scooter Commuter[edit]

  • Hint: Land
  • Points to clear: 30
  • Description: Escape by jumping your scooter! The trick is, you gotta land it perfectly!
  • Controls: Left dpad Right dpad Rotate
  • Strategy: As you jump, Rotate your scooter to an angle that matches your landing spot.
  • Level 1: You're landing on a hill going up so there's little positioning for you to do.
  • Level 2: You're landing on flat surface, so you'll have more positioning.
  • Level 3: You're landing on a ramp going down, so you'll do even more positioning.

Space Fighter[edit]

  • Hint: Shoot!
  • Points to clear: 15
  • Description: Enemy space ships are getting away! Target 'em and take 'em out!
  • Controls: Neutral dpad Move, A button Shoot
  • Strategy: A few enemy spaceships are escaping. Target them and hold A to shoot and destroy them.
  • Level 1: Shoot two spaceships.
  • Level 2: Shoot three spaceships.
  • Level 3: Shoot four spaceships.

Stick & Move[edit]

  • Hint: Cross!
  • Points to clear: 15
  • Description: You got a pesky samurai trying to stop you! Skip across the roof and avoid the samurai!
  • Controls: A button Jump right
  • Strategy: Jump at the right time to avoid the samurai. One attacks after another in rhythm so jump to the beat.
  • Level 1: Avoid one samurai.
  • Level 2: Avoid two samurai.
  • Level 3: Avoid three samurai.

Classic Clash I[edit]

  • Hint: Dodge!
  • Points to clear: 20
  • Description: Avoid the attack by jumping and ducking!
  • Controls: Down dpad Duck, A button Jump
  • Strategy: Jump and duck to avoid the rocks and fire your opponent brings you, respectively.
  • Level 1: Dodge a rock.
  • Level 2: Dodge fire.
  • Level 3: Dodge both.

Bubble Trouble[edit]

  • Hint: Get 5
  • Points to clear: 15
  • Description: Catch the items floating in space! Get on it!
  • Controls: Neutral dpad Move
  • Strategy: Grab 5 of the 10 bubbles floating in space.
  • Level 1: The bubbles are aligned nearly in a straight line.
  • Level 2: The bubbles are in a twisted line.
  • Level 3: The bubbles are even more twisted.

Super Fly[edit]

  • Hint: Dodge!
  • Points to clear: 25
  • Description: Think you're a hero? Then fly through the city without smashing into buildings!
  • Controls: Left dpad Right dpad Dodge
  • Strategy: Avoid the orange buildings as you fly. They either come from the left or right,
  • Level 1: Avoid one building.
  • Level 2: Avoid two buildings.
  • Level 3: Avoid three buildings.

Arrow Space[edit]

  • Hint: Sidestep!
  • Points to clear: 20
  • Description: Sidestep the arrows to spare yourself! Talk about a hairy situation!
  • Controls: Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Strategy: As the game begins, you'll see a group of arrows launching behind you. There's a gap between the arrows, so move towards the spot where the gap is going, and you'll survive.
  • Level 1: There's a large gap.
  • Level 2: There's a small gap.
  • Level 3: There's a very small gap.

Manic Mechanic[edit]

  • Hint: Assemble!
  • Points to clear: 10
  • Description: Assemble the robot parts as they fall down! Are you up to the task or not?!
  • Controls: Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Strategy: You control the legs. Stop the torso and head from falling. Catching the torso will make it controllable yet making it harder to catch the head since the body is taller.
  • Level 1: Catch wide parts.
  • Level 2: Catch thinner parts.
  • Level 3: Catch very thin parts.

UFO Assist[edit]

Classic Clash II[edit]

Mars Ball Destroy[edit]

Hover for Cover[edit]

Scoot or Die[edit]

Word Up[edit]

Ninja Pipe Cleaner[edit]

Classic Clash III[edit]

Zero to Hero[edit]

Tidal Cave[edit]

Mars Jars[edit]

Space Escape[edit]

Ninja Vision[edit]

Slick Wheelie[edit]


Boss: Galaxy 2003[edit]