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Hare Scare[edit]

Munch a Bunch[edit]


Flower Shower[edit]

Go Fer the Tater[edit]

Picture Perfect[edit]

Leafy Greens[edit]

Crane Game[edit]

Veggie Might[edit]

Mouse Trap[edit]

Coconut Catapult[edit]

Bug Bite[edit]

Disc O' Dog[edit]

Fruit Fall[edit]

Penguin Shuffle[edit]

Two Birds, Big Rocks[edit]

Hoppin' Mad[edit]

Worm Squirm[edit]

Kitty Cover[edit]

The Claw[edit]

Spunky Monkey[edit]

Crack Down[edit]


Blow Hole Bridge[edit]

Boss: The Frog Flap[edit]