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This is an incredibly easy scenario, and probably not by intent.

Start by exploring your island with your priest, because he has the best sight range. To the north of your island, you find another island with several Red archers and a priest. Converting the priest would be a bad idea, because the Red archers will just kill him. Either shoot at their archers with yours, or try to convert one of them. In either case, they all run away. This is marvelous! You are now totally stuck, with nothing to do. Except ...

Very soon, a large Red Transport Ship approaches. Convert it! Unless you are very unlucky, it will come over before delivering its invasion force. Bear in mind that you do not control these troops. Deliver them right into the arms of your archers, and show no mercy! Don't try to convert anything. What if your priest gets converted?

Load all your troops into your Transport and sail around all the islands you find, dropping the troops off at various locations on the shore and then loading them again immediately. This is the fastest way of exploring everything that matters. Depending on the exact route you follow, you may locate a Hittite Tower. Avoid that. You are looking for villagers. You will have already found plenty of resources to exploit.

At some point, you will locate the Hittite base and find a soft landing spot. Land there, kill all their troops, and convert villagers. Your 6 Composite Bowmen, supported by a priest, will have a field day against large numbers of Tool Age troops. If you are having trouble catching villagers, shoot at buildings to pin down Hittite repairmen. The intent of the scenario is that you grab a couple of villagers, and then retreat to build a base on a different island, but why leave when you're having so much fun here?

Build a Town Centre on the Hittite island with your first villager, although that is not necessary. If you run out of troops to shoot at, take out Hittite Towers. When you have about 5 villagers, build a Tower of your own, and let the games begin! Your Tower will immediately be attacked by all remaining Hittite villagers, and for good reason. Kill them all, and the scenario is effectively over. You still have to hunt down the last Hittite unit, and blow up or convert all of their buildings, but this is pretty pointless, so you might as well end the scenario with a cheat code.

There is a small but powerful Yellow force on an island that you probably haven't found yet, but you can simply ignore it.