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ACWW Gracie.png

Gracie is a giraffe with a real flare for fashion. She drives around the different towns in the Wild World. You will find Gracie parked in front of the Town Hall when she is visiting your town.

When you talk to her she will give you a fashion quiz. Make sure you have one letter slot free so you can receive your certificate for your fashionista badge. If Gracie disapproves of your fashion style she will give you a shirt. If you keep talking to her she will ask for donations to do a makeover. If you donate 5,000 bells or more her new look for you will include an exclusive Gracie fashion item.

These makeovers usually include a new shirt and an accessory. Gracie will give you the Moldy shirt if she really dislikes your style.


Here is a list of the items you can receive from Gracie:

  • A Shirt
  • Barber Shirt
  • Butterfly Shirt
  • Caterpillar Tee
  • Checkered Shirt
  • Citrus Shirt
  • Cool Shirt
  • Coral Shirt
  • Cow Shirt
  • Crossing Shirt
  • Fiendish Shirt
  • Flan Shirt
  • Giraffe Shirt
  • Grape Shirt
  • Grass Shirt
  • Gracie's Top
  • Groovy Shirt
  • Hot Dog Shirt
  • Jester Shirt
  • Kiwi Shirt
  • Ladybug Shirt
  • Latin Uniform Shirt
  • Melon Shirt
  • Moldy Shirt
  • Orange Pinstripe
  • Purple Pacifier
  • Sandwich Shirt
  • Snow Shirt
  • Splendid Shirt
  • Strawberry Shirt
  • Subdued Shirt
  • Tiger Shirt
  • Tin Shirt
  • Watermelon Shirt
  • Zebra Shirt