Are You Alice?/Characters

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AYA character Alice.png

The unnamed protagonist, known officially as Alice? (アリス?) but more commonly referred to as simply Alice. His story begins when he's dropped into Wonderland to compete for the title of "Alice", being the 89th candidate to do so. He is, however, the first male, much to his initial confusion and disdain. His goal in the game is to find and kill the White Rabbit, but all he really wants to do is escape from the madness of Wonderland. He is almost always accompanied by the one tasked with protecting "Alice", the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter[edit]

AYA character Mad Hatter.png

The Mad Hatter (イカレ帽子屋) carries the burden of the 88 failed Alice's which came before the game's protagonist. His job in Wonderland is to aid each Alice that enters Wonderland by informing them of the rules of the game and the dangers of the misleadingly colorful world. The Mad Hatter's pocket watch is always set to 6 o' clock, since 6 o' clock is tea time, and he always carries a gun for the sake of protecting Alice. The Mad Hatter seems sane enough compared to the rest of Wonderland's residents, though he may be someone else entirely. If he isn't with the protagonist, he'll be at his house.

Chesire Cat[edit]

AYA character Chesire Cat.png

The pet cat of the Duchess, who is actually a man. Playful and mischievous, the Chesire Cat (チェシャ猫) is the one who brought the new Alice into Wonderland. Although he seems innocent enough, the Mad Hatter harbors a great hatred for him, even though he is unable to see him as Alice is. The Duchess adopted him when she healed the wounds he sustained due to certain events, and he has since developed feelings for her. Despite this, he rarely spends time at her mansion, instead wandering around Wonderland with his carefree attitude. He occasionally appears before Alice to give him questionable advice. His location cannot be pinpointed.

White Rabbit[edit]

AYA character White Rabbit.png

The boy who has remained the target of the game through all Alice's, and the one who has continuously evaded harm. The goal of the White Rabbit (白ウサギ) is to restore Wonderland to normalcy, and is certain that the comatose girl who he protects is the true Alice, though he calls her Marianne. He shows an obsessive devotion and love for Marianne, willing to sacrifice his life for her sake. The White Rabbit wields a sword to protect himself and is currently in a dispute with a force from beyond. His location cannot be pinpointed.


His feud is with none other than Lewis Carroll, the writer and creator of Wonderland who is also in love with Alice.

The Queen of Hearts[edit]

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The seemingly friendly Queen of Hearts (ハートの女王) and ruler of Wonderland is actually quite cold, and also happens to be a man. He is often seen wearing a smile, but in contrast has no problem beheading small children. Before being invited to Wonderland, the Queen called himself "the Joker", and spent his time at casinos flirting with and killing the women that fell in love with him for a total head count of 52. He is protected by the Knave of Hearts, and oversees the game for every new Alice that enters the land, along with executing all who do not obey the rules of Wonderland. Can be found at his castle.


AYA character Dormouse.png

The Dormouse (眠りネズミ) is a friend of the Mad Hatter and runs the local pub. He signed a contract with the White Rabbit that allows him to gather information and share it with Alice and the Mad Hatter, making him one of the few people which Alice can trust in Wonderland. Can be found at the pub.

The Duchess[edit]

AYA character Duchess.png

A mature young girl who is in love with the Chesire Cat. The Duchess (公爵夫人) acts as her name implies, though the mission given to her by the Queen is to replace Alice. The protagonist takes note of her kindness and believes her to be one of the saner residents of Wonderland. Can be found at her mansion.

The Regret[edit]

AYA character Regret.png

The 88th Alice (第八十八アリス) now resides in Wonderland as a Regret, doomed to roam the streets following her failed mission. A competitive and high-spirited girl who looked up to and developed a crush on her "sensei", the Mad Hatter. She came closer to becoming Alice than anyone else before her, before being stabbed by the Chesire Cat and falling to death. Despite being her murderer, the Chesire Cat noted that she still isn't out of the running to become Alice, and has thus formed an uneasy alliance with her so that she can get her title back - though it is unclear what his motives are. She occasionally shows up when the protagonist is on the streets of Wonderland, doing all she can to trip him up.

The Knave of Hearts[edit]

AYA character Knave.png

The guardian and right-hand man of the Queen of Hearts. The Knave of Hearts (ハートのジャック) is strictly no-nonsense, more so when compared to the Queen, and though the Queen initially despises him as he does all men, they eventually develop a mutual trust in each other. The Knave is a quiet man who clearly holds a higher set of morals than the Queen by the sympathy he shows for those executed. His role in Wonderland is to protect the Queen unless the Queen abandons his post, in which case the Knave has permission to kill him. The Queen usually refers to him as Jack. Though the Knave of Hearts has been assigned a seiyuu, he never actually speaks in the game. Can be found at the Castle of the Queen of Hearts, always accompanying Wonderland's supreme law-maker.


AYA character Marianne.png

Marianne (マリアンヌ) is a young girl in a deep sleep, and the one the White Rabbit protects. Not much else is known about her beyond the visions which the protagonist has.


Originally Alice Liddell, the object of Lewis Carroll's affection and the older sister of the protagonist.

White Knight[edit]

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The White Knight (白の騎士) is a mysterious man from another land who wishes to bring the protagonist with him. His goal is to replace the protagonist's role of Alice of Wonderland with the role of the Queen of Looking-Glass Land. The protagonist doesn't want any part of it just as he didn't want any part of Wonderland, but the White Knight's gun won't take "no" for an answer. The White Knight is kind and swears to protect Alice, though he seems to be a bit psychotic and will threaten the protagonist when he needs to. Can be found when the land transforms before the protagonist's eyes to display the alternate Looking-Glass Land, residing in the Castle of the Queen.

The Tweedles[edit]

AYA character Tweedledee.png
AYA character Tweedledum.png

Tweedledee and Tweedledum, well-known throughout Wonderland collectively as the Tweedles (トゥイードルズ), are twins who have more power in Wonderland than they appear to. They are in charge of the Regrets, all failed Alice's who now pose a danger to the protagonist, the current Alice. Tweedledee always seems to be in a bad mood while Tweedledum approaches the protagonist with kindness. Can be found at the Twins' House.


AYA character Rose.png

Rose (ロズ) is a polite and well-mannered boy who seems to have formed an alliance with the White Rabbit, doing all he can to protect him. Despite his sudden and mysterious presence, the protagonist can safely assume that he knows more about Wonderland than many of its residents. Rose can only ever be met in the second play-through; in the first, he plays the role of an outsider.


Also known as Humpty Dumpty, Lewis Carroll's editor.