Ashen Empires

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Box artwork for Ashen Empires.
Box artwork for Ashen Empires.
Ashen Empires
Developer(s)Iron Will Games
Publisher(s)Iron Will Games
Year released2003
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Ashen Empires is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). In Ashen Empires, players must determine their fate in a world balancing on the brink of renewal or destruction. Ashen Empires has two types of servers, each with a different set of rules:

  • Player versus Player: A player can harm other players at any time, regardless of whether they are in a town or not
  • Non-Player versus Player: A player is unable to kill another player at any time: PvP is only allowed in the arena and guild arena

When you first enter the game world, a Tutor will greet you and show you how to play the game. You may also get Help any time during the game by pressing the  Esc  key to bring up the game menu, and selecting Help. Help includes basic gameplay information such as movement, combat, using items, and shortcut keys. Players should also read the Getting Started Tutorial, which details how to create an account, create a new character, and play the game.

The official forums are a great way to meet other players, share thoughts, and learn more about the game.

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