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  • Initial Weapon: Cleric's Rod
  • Initial Armor: Cotton Cloak
  • Initial Trinkets: /
  • Initial Power: 33
  • Initial Defense: 5


Level Name Effect Cooldown
1 Group Heal Instantly heals the entire party for a substantial amount. 20 second
5 Shield Protects the cleric's target, reducing their damage taken by 75% for 10 seconds. 30 second
5 Power Infusion Fills the target with holy might, doubling their power for 10 seconds. 30 second
10 Passion Your auto-heals splash 30% of their total healing to allies near your target. Passive
10 Discipline Your auto-heals recover 15% more health. Passive
15 Guardian Angel Doubles healing power for 15 seconds. 60 second
15 Vengeful Angel Does pulsing AoE damage originating from cleric for 15 seconds. 60 second
20 Empowering Words Recipient of your auto-heal gains 15% power. Passive
20 Holy Embrace Auto-heal leaves healing HoT on target for 8 seconds. Passive
25 Favored Soul Invulnerable during Guardian Angel or Vengeful Angel. Passive
30 Binding Heal Heals the cleric for 50% of each auto-heal. Passive
30 Desperate Prayer Group Heal is 25% more effective. Passive


Put the cleric at the top of the screen in the middle so you can see her health and she is just after your last ability. By having her in the middle and at the top she is the farthest possible from where monsters spawn and is easy to defend. Use the avenging angel if she gets attacked so you can carry on with what you were doing without having to go and defend her.