Bomberman Generation/Tentasia

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OctopiWoods[edit | edit source]

This introductory stage will start off linear and simple to allow you to accustom yourself to the controls and techniques you need to master. You'll quickly learn how to make Big Bombs and perform Bomb Kicks. Once you cross your first dry riverbed, you'll also gain your first Charabom: Andlar. His Power Glove ability is very useful for making distance throws, so equip him right away (you'll get an early chance to see the difference he makes by throwing a bomb across a river to hit a tree). Meanwhile, work your way past any enemies you encounter. The Hige Hige Bandits you encounter move quickly and erratically and may be tricky to beat, especially at this early stage, but keep your distance (so they don't home in on you) and just keep throwing or kicking bombs their way until you get them. Watch out for the blue pterodactyls; they can drop cannon balls! Dodge them or deflect them with a Bomb Barrier. To actually ground them, you need to stun them first with a lobbing Bomb Throw using Andlar.

Between the two rivers with logs, you will locate your first minigame: Bomjy Jump. Clear Bomjy Jump and you will gain the Water Balloon, which you can put to use in the next stage. Also, instead of just crossing the rivers on the logs, try riding the logs down the river. You can find useful items (including the first Heart Container). Use the tree stumps to get back where you were.

Flower Blower

The approach to this wind-blowing flower is blocked by two rows of thorns that rise up and down. Furthermore, the wind the flower generates can blow both you and your bombs backwards. To defeat it, you must hit it with three bombs. They have to blow before they're blown away, and Bomberman must be careful of both the thorns and any bombs that get blown back to him.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. You need Ice Bombs. There is a detour just before the Flower Blower miniboss. Blocking your way is a spinning log on a waterspout. Freeze the waterspout with an Ice Bomb. It may take a few tries, but you'll eventually stop the log so that you can pass by it. The Lightning Card is at the end of the path.
  2. Right after you get Andlar, backtrack up the dry riverbed and back to that first tree stump hole you encountered. At the supposed dead end is an opening between the trees. Rotate the camera and you should see a tree in the distance. Using Andlar, throw a Big Bomb through the clearing. This will fell the tree and create a crossing over the island in the middle of a lake. Cross this and you can reach the Lightning Card.
  3. Notice that when you blow the big boulder to start the water flowing in the second of the twin rivers (the one after the Bomjy Jump minigame), the boulder moves to block the water in the first river. Instead of heading forward, backtrack to the now-dry riverbed and head upstream. You should just see a jar floating the water behind the boulder. Use a Big Bomb to blow the boulder back. This frees the jar, but it's still inaccessible in the water. Go back to the other riverbed, which is now dry again. Blow it again to open this river and dry the first one again. The jar will now be on dry land, enabling you to blow it open and collect it.

Lake Mensor[edit | edit source]

You start near the edge of the lake. Bomberman can safely walk in the shallow water here, but none of his Fire Bombs can survive the water. You'll get a solution to that later. To understand the lilypads, green ones constantly float from side to side. Large red ones will usually rise up and sink down (enabling you to get back up if you drop in) and small red ones sink as you step on them (to stay dry, you have to run quickly across them). Ones stuck by roots can be cleared up with a bomb. Use the green lilypads to cross stretches of the lake, and watch out for what look like tall leaves. They'll come down and smack you. A bomb will stun them; a Big Bomb will eliminate them. You'll soon come across bigger lilypads with flowers on them. Blowing away the flowers with bombs will allow red lilypads to rise up and clear paths.

Eventually, you'll come across large trees with fruit on them. You'll also run into a cannonball-spitting flower. Any explosion that hits the tree will cause the tree to spin and drop fruit, and they can hurt. So do the cannonballs, so attack the flower; two normal bombs or a Big Bomb will work, but the flower is quick with the cannonballs (try a Bomb Barrier before throwing the bomb). Just past the first fruit-dropping tree is a small river with a tree on the other side. The easiest way to do this is with Andlar, which can let you toss a bomb clean across the water, but even without Andlar, a well-timed throw onto a lilypad on the river will carry the bomb right into position as well. Cross the river to find a Charabom Battle Portal. Fortunately, Andlar (a Water-type) can easily handle the Fire-type Dorako; Special Attacks work best. Defeat Dorako and he's yours.

Returning to the main path, expect two more combinations of tree and flower; treat them similarly. Between them, you'll encounter a Bomb Merge Portal. If you won the Water Balloon in the last stage, this will unlock Aqua Bombs. Not only will they put out fires (a nearby fire will let you test it out), but Aqua Bombs will actually remain intact and explode in the lake.

Crossing over one more lilypad puzzle, you'll soon encounter flytraps. They will snap as you approach and can be stunned briefly with a bomb, but they can't be destroyed, so just maneuver around them.

Lake Monster

The Lake Monster has a relatively straightforward technique, turning in your direction and spitting a damaging spray of water on you. This battle is a lot easier if you have the Aqua Bomb since bombs you send in the water will still work. Throw or send bombs towards the monster to defeat it; a good atrategy is to lead it in one direction and then, while it rears back for its water spray, throw a Big Aqua Bomb to one side of it.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. Within the lake is a small island dead end. However, within throwing distance is a hole guarded by a flower. You need to use Andlar and a little skill to throw a bomb across the water and into the hole. This reveals the jar with the Lightning Card. The approach to the card itself is located near the Bomb Merge Portal.
  2. You need Ice Bombs. Freeze a waterspout after the last lilypad puzzle while it is low and cross over it to reach the Lightning Card.
  3. The mountain near the miniboss has three small heads spouting water. Close all three of them by throwing Aqua Bombs into each mouth, and the channel underneath will dry up, allowing you access to the Lightning Card.

OctoStone[edit | edit source]

Megaton Bomber

"I am the Strength of the Crush Bombers: the Megaton Bomber. I will crush all who get in my way!"

This will be your first boss encounter as well as your first encounter with the Crush Bombers. Megaton Bomber relies mainly on brute force to attack you.

  • He can quickly charge directly at you (direct contact damages you for one small heart).
  • He can throw two fire bombs at you (they stun you if they hit you, and their explosions damage you like your own bombs).
  • He can swing his huge leashed mace (two small hearts damage). When using his mace, he can either rear back and send it straight at you or swing it in a circle (he telegraphs this by yelling, "Take this!") to knock away any bombs around him.
  • Once Megaton Bomber is down to about half health, he will start using his specialty: the Megaton Crush. This attack generates a powerful blast around him that can not only damage you for one big heart if you're caught in it, but all bombs will be knocked back and detonated. This can actually help; If there's a Big Bomb next to him as he starts the move, the bomb should go off and hurt him.

Unlike later Crush Bombers, Megaton Bomber's heavy armor means he can't be stunned by bomb throws. Still, using Andlar to throw Big Bombs helps you to keep your distance.

Lightning Cards

  1. Defeat Megaton Bomber in under 4:00.
  2. Damage Megaton Bomber with a Big Bomb during his charging attack.
  3. Damage Megaton Bomber with a Big Fire Bomb.
  4. Damage Megaton Bomber with a Big Aqua Bomb.
  5. Damage Megaton Bomber with a Big Bomb from behind.

Octomanion[edit | edit source]

This area introduces you to the hostile natives of the forest as you travel through their village. Some of them will wave stone swords at you, while others will launch stone-tipped spears.

In the first area, be careful around the totem poles. They'll topple as you approach and can smash you. Cross the smashing logs by running through when they're rearing back. When you get to the series of logs over a ramped ledge, it's best to go into the ditch first and toss a bomb past the end to deal with the spear-throwing villager first. Once he's clear, time your running to get past the logs and not get knocked back in the ditch.

As you round the corner and pass three big jars, you'll notice a hole in the ground. Above this is a framework with a boulder on the edge. Step on the green switch (NOTE: For future reference, any green switch must be stepped on to activate) to lift yourself up to the boulder's level. Leave a big bomb next to the boulder and drop off the ramped ledge. The Big Bomb should knock the boulder into the hole, allowing you to proceed. Ahead should be another boulder. Try knocking this around with a Big Bomb to quickly deal with a couple villagers.

Past this point you will see fireball beetles and Bomb Pedestals. Deal with the beetles first since when they or their fireballs are hit, they create a nasty blast. Deal with the first one by tossing a bomb across the gap with Andlar. Once the way is clear, stand in front of the first Bomb Pedestal, pick up a bomb and then drop it in front of you. This should fall into the pedestal and let you cross. Deal with two more fireball beetles and two more Bomb Pedesatals. Note that the blue pedestal requires a Big Bomb to cross.

Now blast open the gate with a bomb and fight past the villagers. Note the empty chairs-on-a-pole and how a bomb can knock them over. Later on, you'll encounter spear-throwing villagers on these chairs. Defeat them just like that. The next gate you come across needs a Big Bomb to blow open. Note the totem pole nearby. This and the others in this area won't fall over on their own but need to be knocked over with Big Bombs. Knocking over the one on the left will knock down a hut which will otherwise continue to generate villagers to fight. Ahead is another boulder on a scaffold. Blow this boulder with a Big Bomb like the last one, and it should fall right on top of a statue below. Doing this unlocks the next gate.

From here, you must navigate two different paths to unlock the gate to the miniboss. The first one is made by defeating the villager on a chair-on-a-pole. When his pole knocks over, it takes out part of the fence, opening the right path. Reach the next boulder and statue by knocking over a boulder with Big Bombs and knocking down two more chairs-on-a-pole. This one will open the blue gate to the left. Knock over the totem poles here to stop villagers jumping out of the huts and make your way to the last boulder and statue. Getting the boulder on this last statue opens the green gate leading to the miniboss.


The village leader will enlist this big mantis to guard the exit. His arms can fly off to attack you. Dodge these and hit him repeatedly with bombs. The easiest way is to use Andlar and directly hit him with a Big Bomb. This should stun him long enough for the bomb to go off; two such hits should suffice. Once the mantis goes down, a final cut will knock over the leader's chair, opening the exit.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. Past the miniboss, but before the exit arrow is a detour that can be opened with a Big Bomb. Follow the path and put out the flames with Aqua Bombs to reach the Lightning Card.
  2. Past the pit with the smashing logs are three big jars. Smash the big jars with a Big Bomb to uncover normal jars within. The Lightning Card is in the middle jar.
  3. You need either Pommy Dragon or Fire Horn. After the Big Bomb pedestal is a gap that can only be crossed with multiple Bomb Jumps (using Fire Horn is easier, but it can be pulled off with Pommy Dragon as well, especially with a dropped small bomb-thrown Big Bomb combination). The Lightning Card can be found in a big jar at the end of the path past the gap.

SukkorHills[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Camera movement is limited in this stage.

Work your way past the flytraps and bandits to the foot of the hill. Once you start climbing, you will occasionally be accosted by rolling boulders. Time your upward climbs to work between the boulders, and if you can find where they come from, blow them up by throwing Big Bombs into the openings to stop any more coming out. Don't be afraid to take detours to find useful items, and look for sealed walls that can be blown open with bombs; some conceal items while others open paths to other parts of the cliff. Suspension bridges can be blown up, too. Once you explore the other side, come back and see what you can find by going down. Look for the side of the bridge with gaps in the logs; this is the side the ramp will be on when you blow the bridge. Also look for blue Bomb Pedestals that need Big Bombs to cross and ramps that will let you back down. Follow this general progression as you proceed upwards.

Towards the top, you will encounter a ropeway that's being held off by a boulder. Blow away the boulder with a Big Bomb to open the way to the final passage, but before you do, consider blowing up the bridge just before (stand to the right of the bridge). The way down leads to a Charabom Battle Portal featuring Marine Eel. At level 25, he'll be a bit tough if you've been progressing linearly. Consider taking Andlar a couple times through earlier stages to improve his condition. If he's around level 30, Andlar should be able to handle Marine Eel (and by the way, don't use Dorako; Marine Eel is water-type and would squelch Dorako like nothing). Marine Eel is your second truly useful Charabom, as his Homing ability is perfect against those elusive villagers and bandits.

Once you traverse the tunnel at the top of the cliff, expect a stony reception.

Villager Ambush

Spear-throwing villagers will stream endlessly out of the four doorways, so your first objective is to seal them off with bombs. Once all four doorways are sealed and all remaining villagers dealt with, the leader will step in atop a giant boulder, rolling it back and forth. Simply get a Big Bomb into the path of the boulder to finish off the village leader once and for all.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. You need Wind Bombs. About four or five levels up, you can blow up the second suspension bridge (the ramp will be on the left). Drop down and follow the current over to a place with a giant leaf. Blow a Wind Bomb near it to have the leaf carry you to where the Lightning Card is located.
  2. There is a villager guarding a cableway switch and protected by timbers. Once you win Marine Eel, use him to throw a bomb around the woodwork and onto the villager. Once you cross on the cableway, switch to Andlar and toss a Big Bomb across the gap to knock over the boulder. You can then cross over on the boulder to reach the Lightning Card.
  3. Near the tunnel to the miniboss is a detour to the right. Follow it along and you'll see a ramp with a fire right below. Drop an Aqua Bomb on the flame to enable you to drop down safely and reach the Lightning Card.

PaonStadium[edit | edit source]


The villagers now turn to their biggest weapon: a massive power-infused pachyderm with six legs and two trunks. This boss can actually be pretty tricky to deal with since he can usually charge and knock away most bombs you throw. Some timing is needed to get the Big Bombs to explode and damage him before he knocks them away. And you'll need some distance, so Andlar is a must here. Elephantesque will start by basically charging you. If you get too close, you'll be caught by the trunks and smashed for a Big Heart of damage. Otherwise, he'll give a trumpet roar and belly-flop onto the ground. Like the Megaton Crush, this not only hurts in itself but will also cause any bombs to be knocked away. Once Elephantesque is down to two Big Hearts, it'll start using another attack: firing several cannonballs out of its trunks. It usually won't try this unless you stand still for a bit, so you can try this tactic as a lure. The action's pretty quick and the final firing angle isn't set until he starts shooting, so you have to keep moving to avoid getting hit. On the other hand, this new move actually makes him easier to hit. If you can avoid the shots, it's a perfect time to throw a Big Bomb in place where it should go off before he starts moving again.