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Throughout Bullworth, usually at save locations, are several arcade game cabinets with playable mini-games.

Arcade Games[edit]

Future Street Race 2165[edit]

  • Located in the Boy's Dorm rec room, the Townies Hideout and in the prize tent in the carnival.

Future Street Race 3D[edit]

  • Located in the Beach clubhouse in Old Bullworth Vale and in the prize tent at the carnival.


  • Located in the Nerd Hideout under the Dragon's Wing Comic store in Bullworth Town and in the prize tent in the carnival.

Score to beat: 1010 lbs.

Monkey Fling[edit]

  • Located in the Greaser hangout in New Coventry and in the prize tent in the carnival.

This game has a top score of 333 to beat.

Nut Shots[edit]

  • Located inside Carnival Souvenir Tent

Score to beat: 69,900