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After completing the Hattrick vs Galloway mission in Chapter 2, you'll unlock the Camera and Photography lessons. The classes start in the Art room, and are taken by the art teacher Ms Philips.

The goal of each class is to take photographs of the subjects assigned by Ms Philips; these vary from objects around the school to people in the surrounding town. You'll have a time limit in which to take the photos.

The photos have to satisfy a certain degree of quality however; the image border will be green if the photo is good enough, and red if it's sub-standard.

Photography 1[edit | edit source]

  • Subject: Photograph five banners around the campus

There are five banners (or flags, if you prefer) around the school grounds. The first one is directly above where you start, at the main building's front door.

The other flags are: above the arch at the girls' dorm; above the library door; on top of one of the workshop buildings and above the door of Harrington House.

When you've taken all five photos, go back to the art room to complete the class. You'll have unlocked the Photo Album, which allows you to save photos you take to your memory card.

Photography 2[edit | edit source]

  • Subject: Photograph three students around the campus.

This is by far the easiest - just take photos of three different students. You can just stand where you begin the mission and snap away; you'll have the three photos in no time.

Take them back to the teacher, and you'll unlock the Yearbook, which allows you to collect photos of your fellow students. Since you can't take Jimmy's photo, it is included automatically.

Photography 3[edit | edit source]

  • Subject: Photograph four dogs or hobos around New Coventry.

You've got to get photos of four different hobos - taking the same one four times won't cut it. The homeless guys can be found wandering around all over New Coventry, and are generally much easier to find than the dogs.

Taking your images back to Ms. Philips unlocks the Extra Photo Album, which allows you to store more images than you previously could.

Photography 4[edit | edit source]

  • Subject: Take five panoramic photographs

Ms. Philips wants panoramic photos of five different locations from all over the game area.

The first one you'll get to is Bullworth Academy - stand at the crosspath between the dorms and snap one of the main school building.

Next, leave the school grounds and take a left into Old Bullworth Vale, along the waterfront to the left. On the beach, take a photo of the lighthouse.

Back on the road, continue on to the carnival for the third photograph.

The fourth image is of Old Bullworth Church - from the Carnival tunnel, take a left onto the pedestrian area, and follow it around to the right. Take the left just before the crossroads and go to the top of the hill. Take a left and go right at the retirement home. At the northeast corner, there's a dirt path leading east - follow that and you'll find the old church.

Finally, follow that dirt path along past the dam and turn right at the road to take a photo of the dam from the bridge.

Take your photos back to Ms. Philips, and you'll unlock the colour digital camera.

Photography 5[edit | edit source]

  • Subject: Freakshow freaks

For some reason, Ms. Philips wants you to take photos of the seven freaks at the carnival in Old Bullworth Vale.

Passing the final class in Photography will allow you to earn double tickets at the carnival games.