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The Communications and Engineering sections have two seats, and is located to the right of the Logistics section and to the left of the helm. Communications handles incoming transmissions during the campaign, and serves no other purpose. The ship's critical functions are controlled by Engineering, however. CC2 LogisticsAndDamageControl.jpg

Fuel Gauges[edit]

Fuel gauges.

The ship uses fuel for both itself and for drones. Fuel must be produced from dedicated fuel islands and shipped to a warehouse for storage, and finally to the carrier itself. While the carrier and drones can run out of fuel and become stranded, barges notably have infinite fuel.

The four main green lights are the fuel pumps. To the left are gauges for the Fuel Level and Fuel Efficiency, which serve no purpose. Of the gauges here, the most notably one is the large green fuel gauge to the right.

While the fuel gauge does not show a numerical value, community experimentation shows that the Carrier can hold a maximum of 100,000 litres of fuel, or 100 units fuel.



The campaign has a number of transmissions that can be sent to you regarding the lore, which ties into the original Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. This game, in turn, draws its inspiration from the unfinished Gaea trilogy of David Lagettie (concept) and P. D. (Phil & Didi) Gilson (author team).

For additional information, see the Transcripts page.

This screen will remain idle in multiplayer mode, as no communications can be received or sent.


Repairing the carrier.

The Carrier can take damage in a number of subsystems. A smaller display in between the Transmission and Power Gauges displays which subsystems are currently being repaired, though the main screen to direct damage control is located above the seats.

When the ship is damaged, clicking on the small switch will begin repairing that subsystem. Only one subsystem can be repaired at a time. Each subsystem's health is displayed as a percentage. The large percentage in the white at the bottom of the left hand screen is the carrier's total health. When this is reduced to zero, the game is over and you lose.

The subsystems are:

  • Hull
  • Front Left weapons (CIWS)
  • Front Right weapons (CIWS)
  • Left Weapon (Deck Gun, Cruise Missile)
  • Right Weapon (SAMs)
  • Bridge (Radars)
  • Back Left weapons (Left torpedo, CIWS)
  • Back Right weapons (Right torpedo, CIWS)