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Ecole's company logo.

Ecole Software (株式会社エコールソフトウェア), commonly known as Ecole, is a Japanese corporation dealing in the development and sale of arcade and console video games, which was established on March 31, 1989, with representative director Yoshiyuki Manabe.

Prior to entering the video game industry, Ecole was involved in CAD software development. The company marked its entrance into the industry by its release of Pappara: Paoon on November 22, 1995. That was shortly followed by the release of light gun shooter Death Crimson, which became an instant hit. In addition, the puzzle game Musapey’s Choco Marker received high rankings among puzzle gamers.

Ecole is also known for its role in gal games like Raindia, which features attractive characters, and gay games like Coxbax. However, the company shifted its industry focus ever since the release of its greatly-successful arcade game Melty Blood. Act Cadenza.

Ecole is mostly known associate with a video game developer company French-Bread on mostly producing 2D fighting game products.

Games developed[edit | edit source]

Year Title Platform(s)
1995 Pappara Paoon Sega Saturn
1996 Death Crimson Sega Saturn
1999 Death Crimson 2 Dreamcast
2001 Death Crimson OX Dreamcast
2002 Musapey's Choco Marker Arcade, Dreamcast
2003 Death Crimson OX+ PlayStation 2
2004 Utau * Tumbling Dice Dreamcast, PlayStation 2
2005 Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Arcade, PlayStation 2
2007 Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver. B PC
2008 Melty Blood: Actress Again Arcade, PlayStation 2
2011 Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code Arcade, PC
2012 Under Night In-Birth Arcade
2013 Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Arcade, PlayStation 3, PC
2014 Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Arcade, PlayStation 3, PS Vita
2015 Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition Arcade, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4
2015 Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Arcade, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4, PC
2020 Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late [cl-r] PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

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