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Grasshopper Manufacture
Grasshopper Manufacture's company logo.
Parent companyGungHo Online Entertainment

Grasshopper Manufacture, Inc. is a Japanese video game development house founded on March 30, 1998 in Suginami, Japan. Grasshopper gained mainstream notoriety in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 game killer7. In addition to killer7, they have developed Michigan (released in Japan and Europe) and a number of Japan-only titles. Grasshopper Manufacture was also responsible for the Nintendo DS game Contact and the Wii game No More Heroes. The company is headed by Goichi Suda, also known as Suda51, and is noted for its original and imaginative titles - ones that are also fraught with financial risk. Potential losses are often made up by the development of games based on popular anime franchises, such as Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked and Blood+: One Night Kiss.

In May 2007, Suda announced during a speech at the 2007 Game Developers Conference that Grasshopper was at the time working on three titles for the Wii, which have since been revealed as No More Heroes and Fatal Frame IV; there is no information on the status of the third Wii game in development. After working on another Wii title, Fatal Frame IV, to be published by Nintendo, the studio is also currently working in a sequel to No More Heroes titled No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

Grasshopper is also said to be working on an Xbox 360 title, and have presented a concept for a PlayStation 3 game called Kurayami, a non-linear action adventure inspired by the worrying and confused universe of the Czech writer Franz Kafka, whom Goichi Suda admires.

In August 2008 EA announced a deal to publish an as yet untitled action horror game developed by Grasshopper in conjuntion with Q Entertainment. The project will be directed by Suda and produced by Shinji Mikami for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC.